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What do gardening and breast cancer have in common?

by , 08 October 2014

Did you know: Pottering around in your garden a couple times a week is a great way to lower your breast cancer risk by 13%?

This is because this form of moderate exercise is enough to bring your heart rate up and, in doing so, protects you against processes that lead to breast cancer, found a recent study by the European Prospective Investigation of Cancer (EPIC).

But if you do THIS one thing, your gardening exercise efforts will go out the window and your breast cancer risk will soar.

Read on to find out the one gardening habit you have that could slowly be killing you… And how to change it so your favourite pastime protects your health!

Using chemicals in your garden could cause breast cancer

You might already be spending hours in your garden because you know how good it is for you. But if your garden is your pride and joy and you’re willing to do anything to keep it lush and beautiful, it might do you more harm than good.
BreastCancer.org says women exposed to lawn and garden chemicals on a regular basis are at high risk of breast cancer.
Even using chemicals on your plants to keep the bugs away could slowly be killing you and you might not know it.
Add to this the chemical fertilizer on your lawn and your health is at serious risk!
These types of garden chemicals get into your system through your skin and breathing and they change the function of your cells. In particular, they have an effect on how oestrogen works in your body. And this is a leading cause of breast cancer.
That’s why it’s essential to keep your gardening practices organic! Not only can you prevent breast cancer by changing your gardening habits, but being active in a “healthy” garden further lowers your breast cancer risk.
Here’s how to do it…
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Keep your garden healthy and beautiful – and cancer-free – with these three tips

Tip #1: Cut your grass less often
You might think short grass is great, but did you know longer grass in better? Cutting your grass less often and on the highest setting not only leaves your grass needing less water, but it needs less attention too. This because longer grass forms deeper roots, crowds out weeds and is more resistant to insects and disease so you won’t need the chemicals in the fertiliser. You can now use organic types simply to keep the grass lush and green.
Tip #2: Choose fertilisers without phosphorus and do it in autumn
Synthetic fertilizers harm your health because of the chemicals they contain. Phosphoric acid is potent because of its corrosive nature. It damages your cells and changes their function.
BreastCancer.org suggests you fertilise your lawn in autumn rather than spring. This helps keep the lawn healthy during winter and, because of the dry conditions, it’ll help keep the lawns lush for spring.
Tip #3: Pull out weeds by hand
Get even more exercise by pulling weeds out your garden and lawn by hand. This will also save you from having to use chemicals and harming your health.
There you have it! Take full advantage of your garden and the breast cancer risk lowering quality it provides. But remember to practice good gardening habits to ensure your love of being in the garden doesn’t send your breast cancer risk soaring.

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