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What do black tea, walnuts, garlic and leafy greens have in common? They're some of the best cancer fighting foods around, of course!

by , 11 December 2014

The more experts look into natural health, the more they find out about the real benefits that food has on your health.

Some scientists still refuse to believe and acknowledge that food on its own can prevent and even cure disease like cancer. But they can't deny the proof is rolling in thick and fast.

A study that's still underway has more evidence. Scientists are looking at how some of the best cancer fighting foods, can literally heal your body and stop the disease progression in its tracks.

Take a look at what the study has already found…

You CAN change to a cancer fighting diet to protect your health

One question the lead investigator, Amelie Ramirez, wanted to answer when she took on the study at the University of Texas is “can we craft an entire diet around cancer-fighting foods?”
The answer?
It appears so!
In fact, evidence from the study shows how essential working out a personalised diet is for your health and ability to fight and prevent cancer.
And it literally shows how important food is in cancer prevention.
The study reveals that adding antioxidant-containing foods to your diet is one of the most important things you can do to improve your health. This way it can protect you from ever developing cancer in the first place.
To do this, researchers looked into the role of antioxidant-rich food on women who already had breast cancer.
These 150 overweight women were all breast cancer survivours at the beginning of the study. And researchers divided them into two groups where one group attended lectures and received complete support in changing their diet. They received recipes on how to incorporate antioxidant rich foods into their diet as well as cooking lessons.
The other group simply received information on healthy foods and they had to make their own plans on how to include them in their diet.
The results?
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The women taking advantage of the best cancer fighting foods in their diet were at lower risk of recurring cancers

The group of women who had help incorporating foods like black tea, walnuts, garlic and leafy greens into their diet had lower levels of C-reactive protein in their blood compared to the other women.
This means their bodies were less likely to be in a state of inflammation, which is a significant risk factor for cancer development and recurrence.
Another significant aspect of the study is that the women receiving help with their diet, lost weight. And this is another important factor linked to cancer.
Obesity is one of the major cancer risks and, losing weight on its own is a huge reduction of risk!
While the study isn’t yet over, researchers have high hopes that the evidence will be compelling enough to make more people realise how important diet is in the fight against cancer.
While the results are still pending, there’s no reason you shouldn’t add some of the best cancer fighting foods to your diet.

Here are some of the best cancer fighting foods as used in the Texas study

1.    Garlic
2.    Walnuts
3.    Leafy greens
4.    Olive oil
5.    Ginger
6.    Black tea
7.    Turmeric
And that’s just seven foods in a long list you can add to your cancer fighting diet!
As you can see, eating can help you prevent cancer. So be sure to add the best cancer fighting foods to your diet to stay fighting fit and cancer-free.
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What do black tea, walnuts, garlic and leafy greens have in common? They're some of the best cancer fighting foods around, of course!
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