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Wendy Hunsaker shares her special secret of how she got through breast cancer treatment with a smile…

by , 03 September 2014

The 48-year-old mom received her breast cancer diagnosis with a shock just over a year ago. She hadn't expected it at all!

She thought she was healthy when she went for a general check-up that revealed the devastating news.

But she made the decision early on in her treatment that she wouldn't “sit and stew” while she waited in the doctor's rooms.

Instead, she pulled out a pen and paper and began to write…

Writing with emotion can help you through your cancer treatment

Wendy says writing a romance novel helped her spend her time waiting for treatment in a positive space. She looked forward to writing more each time and it kept her mood positive despite the doom and gloom associated with the treatment.
Once or twice, she was so deep into her work, the nurses had to tap her on the shoulder to tell her the doctor had already called her name.
And Wendy isn’t the only one to resort to writing to improve her mental state.
This article explains how Psychologist James Pennebaker experimented on his students in 1986. He made them write pieces and then collected information on how it changed their mood.
This can work for you too!
*********** Hot off the press ************
“By the end of summer, his doctor could find no trace of cancer
David J. had an 8cm tumour wrapped around his backbone – entering his spinal column – when he entered the hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia. This former athlete was completely paralysed. Surgery was scheduled, but the cancer was officially declared “incurable”.
Just four days later, David walked out of the hospital, using only a cane. A year later, he was swimming and riding his mountain bike again. By the end of the summer, his doctor could find no trace of cancer in his body.
What on earth helped David finally beat it? Some toxic new chemotherapy? No.
Believe it or not, he owes a good part of his recovery to a revolutionary therapy you’ll read about starting on page 72 in How to Fight Cancer & Win...
Full details here…

Become creative to help you get through breast cancer treatment

Instead of bottling up your emptions, make sure you write them down. Whether you write a fictional story or about your day and how you feel, it can help you cope with the stress and emotion you’re going through while attending treatment for breast cancer.
Many others have tried writing to help with their mood, so how about you give it a try and see what it can do for you and your overall health.

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Wendy Hunsaker shares her special secret of how she got through breast cancer treatment with a smile…
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