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Warning: Your diet is making your prostate cancer worse

by , 13 April 2015

As if having prostate cancer isn't bad enough, your favourite foods are making it worse.

Especially if you enjoy eating a juicy, thick steak and other foods containing saturated fat, like cheese and butter.

The link?

Researchers at the University of Queensland discovered the activation of two proteins caused by eating these types of foods and how it makes your prostate cancer more aggressive.

Read on for more information about how your diet is making your prostate cancer worse…

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Saturated fats acts as an enabler to promote your prostate tumour to become more aggressive

Dr Michelle Hill and her team at Queensland uncovered the link between your diet and prostate cancer aggression. Saturated fats and how they increase your cholesterol.
It causes your cancer to spread to places like your lungs, lymph nodes, breasts and bones.
And because your body’s in a diseased state already, it’s even worse.
Eating saturated fats activates two proteins researchers identified as caveolin-1 and IQGAP1 cholesterol-linked proteins. These tiny molecules make your tumour more susceptible to growing and metastasising.  
The IQGAP1 protein in particular is highly attracted to the surface of the tumour cells. And when it attaches itself to the cell membrane, it changes what the tumour cells are doing.
It makes them mutate more rapidly and it encourages the cancer cells to move to other parts of your body.
Caveolin-1 has a similar effect, but not as strongly as the other protein.
The key concept here is that it’s all because of the amount of saturated fat you eat. And in particular how it leads to cholesterol activating the proteins.
Literally, the only way to stop it, says Dr Hill, is to watch your diet. But also to keep a close eye on your cholesterol levels.
Here are some ways to change your diet to ensure it’s not the reason you end up with cancer in other parts of your body too…
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Change your diet and eat low-cholesterol foods or suffer the consequences, warn experts

Your first step is to lower your intake of saturated fats. Then, keep your cholesterol under control by adding more fibre to your foods.
Fibre acts as a mop in your digestive system. It “sucks” up all the extra fats and clears it out of your system. That means it doesn’t have a chance to roam around your body, acting as a cancerous mess.
Also, include healthy fats and lean protein into your diet. This is instead of saturated, fatty red meats, which means you’re still getting the protein you need.
Here’s a list of foods to include in your low-cholesterol, cancer-fighting diet:
·         Whole-grains – barley, brown rice, quinoa
·         Fresh fruit and vegetables – apples, oranges, broccoli, spinach, baby marrows, lettuce, carrots
·         Healthy fats – nuts, seeds, avo, coconut oil, hemp oil
·         Lean protein – chicken, fish
·         If you’re craving red meat rather choose ostrich over beef, lamb or game as it’s the leanest read meat
There are plenty of fibrous, healthy foods to add to your daily diet that are low in cholesterol. Besides, eating fresh, healthy foods is a means on its own to fight your prostate cancer. It contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that act like soldiers preventing your cancer cells from getting out of control.
So, make the necessary changes today, and keep your prostate cancer under control the natural way.
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Warning: Your diet is making your prostate cancer worse
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