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Warning: This stress gene makes you more susceptible to cancer

by , 10 September 2014

Not only can a single gene leave you with an extra stress receptor in your brain, experts are now saying stress can switch on a gene that literally makes your body more receptive to cancer cells.

A recent study performed by scientists at the Ohio State University, showed that when you stress, your body helps cancer cells spread.

This because it affects your immune system. And with this change, every single cell in your body is at risk of developing cancerous cells.

Let me explain…

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When your body’s under stress, it’s the perfect cancer host

Instead of your immune system attacking the cancer cells - because they're foreign to your body - stress causes it to act strangely.
It no longer attacks the cancer cells like it should. Instead, it switches on the ATF3 gene!
A gene that PROTECTS the cancer cells for dying.
It makes your body the perfect host for cancer cells and increases their ability to spread.
As if that isn’t bad enough… In a study of 300 women with breast cancer, researchers found those with the ATF3 gene had worse invasive cancers than the women without.
In another study, this time done on mice, researchers found those without the gene had less extensive breast cancer cells.
And while the results from the study has promoted other studies to see whether there's a way to target this stress-cancer gene, there's something you can do about your overall health right now.

Stop stress from wrecking your health, take control of it immediately

Practicing breathing techniques and forming habits to ensure your control your stress is a safe and natural way to keep it at bay.
Whenever you feel a stressful situation is about to take hold, take a few seconds to think about what the reason for your increase in stress. And more importantly, how you can prevent it from causing the stress in the first place.
Prevent stress from taking hold of your body and health, starting TODAY.

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Warning: This stress gene makes you more susceptible to cancer
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