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Warning: These five cancer-causing ingredients are lurking in your make-up

by , 02 October 2014

What are your first thoughts when you put your make-up on in the mornings? They're probably not about whether your eyeliner or mascara will leave you with cancer!

And they shouldn't be!

You shouldn't have to worry about your health when you buy supposedly safe products off the store shelf…

Sadly, some cosmetics companies STILL put harmful chemicals in their products. And what's worse, is they really are ashamed about it when caught out. They try to hide the fact they're still doing it!

In fact, just 11 months ago, cosmetics giant Revlon was involved in a tough legal battle in this very situation. The public and Breast Cancer groups found out their products contained cancer-causing ingredients, which they were trying to hide.

Breast Cancer survivours and the Breast Cancer Fund were outraged! Especially since Revlon's a vocal supporter of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. They wanted to know how they could still used harmful, cancer-causing chemicals in their products while being activists for cancer prevention!

So, they petitioned against Revlon with more than 45,000 signatures. They demanded the removal of chemicals from products.

But Revlon didn't simply apologies and promise to do the right thing. Instead, the group retaliated and sued petitioners to silence them, says Janet Nudelman, director of program and policy at the Breast Cancer Fund.

Unfortunately, there's little information available as to what happened next. But another ugly article about Revlon and chemical popped up in a separate incident in June of this year. So you can assume there's been no major changes…

And while it's not up to us to slander companies for what they do, it's important you are aware of what's in your favourite products. And with this information you can decide whether to throw out certain brands if they contain one of these five cancer-causing ingredients…

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Here are five common cancer-causing make-up ingredients that indicate it’s time to choose another product

#1. Phthalates: This chemical comes from oil and manufacturers use it to make plastic. Cosmetic manufacturers use it in their products as a solvent – something with which you can mix other ingredients to ensure they mix together.
The Environmental Protection Agency has found it causes cancer in humans as well as evidence it causes multiple organ failure in rats.
#2. Parabens: This preservative allows your product to last longer because it fights off bacteria that would normally infect and destroy your product within two weeks.
There’s evidence it causes breast cancer.
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#3. Talc: You’ll find talc in products to absorb excess moisture like in baby powder and some deodorants. A 2003 study found a link between talc and ovarian cancer where a people using talc powder frequently had a 33% higher risk of ovarian cancer.
#4. Fragrances: The chemicals manufacturers use to make your cosmetics smell pleasant could cause cancer. A study performed in the 80s says fragrances come from mixtures of petroleum, which hasn’t changed much in the last 30 years!
These enter the body through your skin and disrupt the normal functioning of your cells, which could lead to cancer.
#5. Formaldehyde: The most common use of this chemical is in laboratories to preserve tissues. If you come into contact with it, the US National Toxicology Program says it’s likely to cause cancer with prolonged use and exposure.
While there are huge, ongoing debates about the safety of cosmetics despite the chemicals they contains, it’s better you know there might be possible health implications when using certain products. This allows you to make your own decisions to protect your health.
Read more about using natural products instead of chemical ones here…

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Warning: These five cancer-causing ingredients are lurking in your make-up
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