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Warning: There's a common cancer-causing ingredient hiding in your tomato sauce and salad dressing

by , 23 September 2014

In the 50s, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) hit the market with a bang.

Not only is it cheap to add to foods, it makes them taste better too.

But along with it - and the false advertising saying how good it is for you - came a rise in the incidents of diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Yet manufacturers still put it in everything from tomato sauce to salad dressing to sugary treats.

And while they do so, researchers are finding more and more evidence as to just how bad it is for you!

For the purpose of this article, we'll focus on how HFCS' effect on your gut leads to an increased risk of developing cancer…

Your gut stops cancer, unless you don’t look after it

Researchers from the Thomas Jefferson University found a specialised immunity cell in the lining of your gut. It contains a hormone receptor that experts already knew was an important tumour suppressor.
But now, they realised these cells have a far more important function. They protect the integrity of your intestinal lining.
So when something harms or changes them, the lining of your gut becomes weaker.
That’s where HFCS comes in.
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Stop eating foods containing HFCS – They cause leaky gut and cancer

HFCS destroys your gut lining.
Because of the way your body responds to high levels of fructose not in its natural form, it doesn’t go through the normal processes sugar should in your body.
In fact, your gut has to use more energy to break it down. This means it depletes the energy in your gut quickly, especially because most foods you eat contain this “toxin”.
As your gut loses more and more energy, so the integrity of the cells holding it together lose their ability to stick together. This includes the important immune cells I mentioned earlier.
Not only can’t they protect your gut lining, they can’t supress tumour growth like they should!
This means all sorts of other toxic substances enter your blood and give rise to cancer cells. Especially vulnerable are the cells in your lymph vessels, lungs and liver.
And that’s why avoiding foods containing HFCS is your only option…
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Check every food label for HFCS to prevent leaky gut and cancer

Because so many foods contain HFCS, you need to check every food label on the foods you buy.
Either they’ll be straightforward and call the ingredient high fructose corn sugar, or they’ll be sneaky and call it something similar like corn syrup or simply fructose.
Protecting your health is all about knowing what to avoid.
So beware of the HFCS products and instead, eat clean so you can save your gut health so it can continue to protect you from cancer. 

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Warning: There's a common cancer-causing ingredient hiding in your tomato sauce and salad dressing
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