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Warning! Obesity raises risk of cancerous growths in your colon

by , 11 April 2014

If you're an overweight man, another health threat you could be facing is colon cancer.

New research reveals your risk of having a precancerous growth in your colon triples when compared to normal-weight men — and if you're obese, that risk increases when compared to overweight men.

And not by a little bit, either.

If you're obese, your risk of having a colorectal polyp jumps by 800%, while your risk of having three or more of these precancerous growths jumps by 650%.

Those are staggering statistics. And a good reason to take your weight-watching seriously.

Find out how fat raises your risk of colon cancer and what you can do to reduce it.


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Fat raises your risk of colon cancer
Colorectal polyps are precancerous growths that could turn into tumours, especially if they get hold of something that helps them grow.
And the studies revealed that these precancerous growths love leptin.
Leptin is the so-called ‘fat hormone’ that rises in your body as your weight increase. The higher your levels of leptin, the higher your risk of polyps.
While this study focused on men, obesity is a great risk factor for a number of cancers in men and woman. So, if your waistline has expanded, it’s time to get rid of that extra weight.

How you can lower your colon cancer risk

Taking steps to achieve or maintain a healthy body weight can protect against colorectal cancer.
A diet high in vegetables, fruits and whole grains, and low in red and processed meats, sugar and processed grains is good for your waistline and is associated with a lower risk of colorectal cancer.
Exercise also decreases the risk of colorectal cancer. One study found that people who were the most active over a 10-year period cut their risk by half. And you don’t have to do vigorous exercise. Just taking a brisk walk, or playing golf regularly can lower your disease risk.
So, if you’re overweight, follow these recommendations and reduce your risk of colorectal cancer starting today.
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Warning! Obesity raises risk of cancerous growths in your colon
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