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Warning: Let your child play on real grass or you'll increase his cancer risk

by , 27 October 2014

Artificial grass and turf are in the spotlight.

Famous soccer star and coach, Amy Griffin, has confirmed she has cancer and thinks it could be because of her exposure to the chemical grass.

Shockingly, she's the 38th soccer star since 2009 to receive the diagnosis.

And because she's otherwise healthy, fit and eat well, she's almost convinced it's the fake grass that led to her recent diagnosis.

Especially since she's been playing on the grass since it made it's entry into the sporting world 15 years ago.

And it's also the reason why Amy's trying to get rid of the use of artificial grass in school. Kids play on it during every break and they practice sports on it too.

This means their exposure is incredibly high. And because their immune systems are still developing, it's an open door for cancer cells to develop.

Sadly, there aren't many studies to show the exact health implications of artificial grass, but here's what we found out…

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Amy’s list of people with blood cancer is growing

Amy was visiting a colleague – also a soccer player – in hospital while she was receiving chemo. Another women came in for her appointment and what the nurse said next shocked her.
“Don’t tell me you’re also a goalkeeper! You’re the fourth one I’ve treated this week!”
And that made her think about how strong the link between turf and cancer is.
After she went on TV about it, she started receiving information from all over America from people who had cancer and were also part of the soccer and sporting community.
But turf manufacturers are still adamant it’s safe – despite all this information…
They won’t budge about what they believe, even though it’s made out of rubber from tyres!
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Cheap, low maintenance grass could increase your child’s cancer risk

Artificial grass – astro turf filled in with rubber pellets – consists of plastics and rubber you find in tyres. This makes it cheap and easy to maintain and schools, stadiums and sports arenas across the country use it for this very reason. It’s even making it’s way into private gardens because of how easy it is to keep looking good.
But there’s a problem the manufacturers didn’t account for…
While there aren’t any studies to prove it, heating and cooling the materials day in and day out in the African sun surely can’t be good for you if you constantly come into contact with it.
Amy Griffin says goalies and kids are at the highest risk for chemical exposure through the fake grass. Goalies spend a lot of time diving onto the ground. Children sit, roll and play on the grass, so their skin is in constant contact with it.
But there’s another problem. Because the rubber pellets are so tiny, they get into your child’s hair, eyes, nose, mouth, cuts and scrapes.
Still turf manufacturers say it’s harmless. But they haven’t proven that getting them in your mouth and cuts isn’t!
In fact, NBC News says the manufacturers research isn’t without holes. Almost every study they publish about the health implications of turf say there’s more research needed.
So until there is, it’s best to protect your child from this potentially cancer-causing grass and keep them playing on real grass!
For more information on this fascinating story and about Amy Griffin, check out this article published by NBC News. 

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Warning: Let your child play on real grass or you'll increase his cancer risk
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