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Warning: Keeping your mouth fresh and clean could cause cancer

by , 11 July 2014

If you swish mouthwash to sweeten your breath, whiten your teeth, fight infection or make your mouth feel really clean, listen up.

Heavy use of mouthwash may lead to a higher risk of oral cancer!

Research suggests that people who rinse with mouthwash more than three times a day have a greater chance of developing mouth and throat cancer.

And for people who wear dentures and use mouthwash, the risk of oral cancer multiplies by more than seven times.

But what is it about mouthwash that makes it so dangerous?


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Continual use of mouthwash could cause oral cancer
Researchers from the University of Glasgow and their European colleagues assessed almost 2,000 oral cancer sufferers and another 2,000 cancer-free people, to learn what the risks for oral cancer were.
They found that people who used mouthwash three or more times every day compared to those who didn’t, had tripled the risk for oral cancer.
The interesting thing was that there wasn’t an increased risk if people rinsed their mouths less than three times a day.
So what is it about mouthwash that makes it so dangerous?
Researchers say that on the basis of their review they believe there’s sufficient evidence that mouthwashes containing alcohol contribute to the increased risk of oral cancer.
This because the ethanol in the mouthwash can allow carcinogens to penetrate your mouth lining, which causes damage. Plus, acetaldehyde, a poisonous by-product of alcohol, with cancer-causing properties, can accumulate in your mouth when you gargle, causing even more damage.
Stick to brushing and flossing
To be safe clean your teeth with brushing and flossing. Follow your dental hygienist advice and pay him a visit twice a year.
If you’re a fan of mouthwash, rather use one that has no alcohol and limit your rinse to twice a day. 
PS. Your mouthwash isn’t the only item on your shopping list that could be causing cancer. Clean food activists have identified the “dirty dozen” – 12 fruits and vegetables, when conventionally grown are drenched in pesticides. And the danger doesn’t stop there. Other foodstuffs are known carcinogens!
But you can free yourself of worry (and disease) without spending your whole salary or even changing where you shop.
Go here now and get the answers you need to keep you and your family safe.

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Warning: Keeping your mouth fresh and clean could cause cancer
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