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Warning: Having a home with a big fireplace could kill you!

by , 05 September 2014

Do you feel lucky that you get to warm your home with an indoor fire?

There's just something so relaxing about it! A fire cracking and popping in the background while you sit in front of the TV with a cup of warm coffee. It's enough to make you feel like you're on holiday.

But as you take a deep breathe in, filling your lungs with the feeling of joy and that all too familiar smell of the fire burning, think about this…

It could kill you!

No, I'm not talking about being burnt to death. I'm talking about the devastating effect it has on your lungs…

Inhaling pollutants in your home is a leading cause of illness and death, warn experts

It’s not only because you have a big fireplace in your home that you’re at risk of devastating lung disease. It’s a far bigger problem, worldwide!
A recent study says a third of the world’s population uses coal-based products to heat their homes and cook with.
Africa is at the top of the list along with Asia and India.
In some areas, the problem is so bad, the air pollution inside homes is so extensive it causes the environmental pollution to rise, says a Commission posted in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine journal.
So while the rich try save money and “go-natural”, the poor have no other choice but to resort to burning fuel for heat, to cook with and to light their homes.
But no matter why you use a fireplace in your home, you develop the same disease from inhaling toxins released from burning these natural fuels.
And all those burning toxins land up in YOUR lungs.
This leads to chronic bronchitis, emphysaema, asthma, chest infections and deadly lung cancer.
And millions of people die from these types of illnesses each year as a direct result…
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More than 3 million people die because of toxins they breathe in inside their homes

The disease that has the strongest association to inhaled toxins is lung cancer.
As you breathe in, tiny particles of smoke move into your lungs that contain carbon droplets and any other products on the wood. These deposit into your lung tissue and your body can’t do anything useful with them.
This means your body sees them as invasive products and immediately begins trying to get rid of them. The inflammation in your lung tissue increases because of it and, as you know, chronic inflammation is the start of diseases like cancer.
But you don’t have to resort to buy an electric heater, eat cold food or go without warmth! You can still enjoy your fireplace. Simply ensure there’s plenty of ventilation through the room you’re burning a fire in so the smoke and particles have somewhere to go.
It’s an easy solution to preventing yourself from becoming one of the three million people who die from breathing toxins into their lungs.

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Warning: Having a home with a big fireplace could kill you!
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