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Warning: Every woman taking bio-identical hormones needs to know this…

by , 12 June 2013

If you're a woman and you're considering bio-identical hormone replacement, stay as far a way as you can get from those subcutaneous pellets, warns Dr Jonathan Wright of Nutrition & Healing. Read on to find out why before you make a life changing decision…

If you’re taking bio-identical hormones or are considering them, you may want to reconsider your decision.

According to Dr Wright of Nutrition & Healing, although the hormones from subcutaneous pellets may be identical to natural hormones, the “timing” of this form of hormone replacement is totally unnatural.

Taking bio-identical hormones could result in deadly cancers…

Dr Wright explains: The hormones from the pellets are delivered every day for months with no break at all, completely overriding nature’s plan, which gives all the hormone receptors in every woman’s body a few days “break” every month between menarche and menopause. During this “break,” hormone levels are much lower and the hormone receptors get a bit of a rest.

With this type of treatment, timing is crucial.

If experimental animals are given oestriol, a definitely anti-carcinogenic oestrogen in quantities usual for that animal and timed according to the animal’s “oestruscycle” they don’t get cancer. But if the same amounts are given continuously with no “break” according to that animal’s oestrus cycle, cancers start to develop. And with more cancers developed the longer the oestriol is given.

“Of course that sort of deliberate experimentation would be unethical in humans, but until it’s done and found to be safe, please avoid it,” warns Dr Wright.

In addition, physicians who prescribe “hormone pellets” are actually performing this experiment without telling their women patients there may be extra risk.

This warning applies to the “continuous combined” method of using topical hormone crèmes, too. Even though they’re rubbed on, they’re used every day with no break, so the hormone exposure is the same as from the subcutaneous pellets.

As always, your best advice is to copy nature.

“Use only hormones that are identical to human hormones in every way. Use quantities that are found in human bodies during hormone producing years. Time the hormones as nature does and get them into the body in the way as close as possible to nature (transmucosal, transdermal),” Dr Wright advises.

And remember, even following all these steps can’t guarantee total safety, but it can minimises risk “to the same level a woman would have if her body were still making her own hormones,” says Dr Wright.

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Warning: Every woman taking bio-identical hormones needs to know this…
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