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Warning: Drinking while on BPH drugs shoots your prostate cancer risk up to 86%

by , 01 April 2014

If you're on medication to treat your benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) - or enlarged prostate - you need to limit your alcohol consumption! Alcohol interacts with the drugs you're taking and your risk of developing prostate cancer skyrockets! Read on to find out more about the interaction between alcohol, BPH drugs and prostate cancer.

Recent study shows a deadly link between alcohol, BPH drugs and prostate cancer

A study published in the European Urology journal last week showed how alcohol affects your risk of prostate cancer. It turns out, heavy drinkers taking medications for BPH are at a greater risk of developing high-grade prostate cancer.
There were more than 6,000 participants taking meds for treatment of their enlarged prostate in the study. Researchers split them into groups depending on how much alcohol they drank every week. There was a small group of men who didn’t drink alcohol. And two other groups: A large group who reported drinking moderately (less than seven drinks a week) and another small group who were heavy drinkers (more than seven drinks a week).
This long-term study took four years to complete and the results were shocking…
The group reporting heavy drinking showed an 86% increase in their risk of high-grade prostate cancer while taking meds to treat their enlarged prostate.

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Protect your prostate from cancer – reduce your alcohol consumption
The meds you take for your enlarged prostate are supposed to reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer. And there’s proof that they do just this in the recent study published in the European Urology journal. Those who did not drink much alcohol had a significantly lower risk of prostate cancer!
You have no other choice! Limit your alcohol intake if you have BPH and are taking medication for it. Cut down on alcohol lto protect yourself from high-grade prostate cancer. 

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Warning: Drinking while on BPH drugs shoots your prostate cancer risk up to 86%
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