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Warning: Drinking Coke regularly can significantly raise your cancer risk

by , 14 May 2015

If you love drinking Coke, listen up: The chemical process manufactures use to produce its caramel colour produces a known cancer-causing carcinogen.

And as a new report in Medical News Today suggests, this could be what's raising the risk of cancer risk above the accepted threshold of one extra case in every 100,000 people.

Read on to find out why…


Caramel colouring in Coke is raising global cancer cases, a new report suggests

The new reports reveals that laboratory tests conducted by Consumer Reports last year proved that drinking one Coke per day can raise your cancer risk. The tests showed that the drink can expose you to potentially cancer-causing levels of the chemical known as 4-MEI (short for 4-methylimidazole) if you consume it regularly.
Researchers say this chemical forms during the manufacturing process of the caramel colouring found in Coke.  They add that a number of other widely-consumed soft drinks contain this colouring too.
What’s really scary is that this colouring isn’t even necessary for production. Coke uses it purely for aesthetics!
And it’s this that’s putting you in harm’s way. 

4-MEI poses a serious cancer risk

A law in California requires that drinks must have warning labels if they contain enough 4-MEI to pose an excess cancer risk of more than one case in every 100,000 exposed people.
The recent lab tests done for the study at hand found that Coke contains enough 4-MEI to pose such a risk. Scientists say routine consumption of Coke can cause extreme toxicity in your body in the long-term, which can lead to cancer.
They also add that Diet Coke and Coke Zero also contain variables of 4-MEI, although lower than the amount found in normal Coke.
To me, that can only mean one thing:
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The real key to healing cancer is to wipe out the stealth disease lurking behind it...
I admit I was downright shocked when I found out that cancer isn't actually what kills most cancer patients! And I've been a doctor for well over 20 years - so not much surprises me anymore.
Even more astounding - this monumental discovery goes back to the 1970s when former US Air Force Dr Joseph Gold uncovered the REAL killer, a condition that no one in the medical field was even talking about!
That's right - the real culprit behind 3 out of every 4 cancer deaths isn't cancer at all. No! It's a syndrome you've probably never even heard of - called cachexia (pronounced "ka-kek-see-ah").

Get out of your Coke-drinking habit now and reduce your cancer risk!

Study authors urge you to stop consuming Coke regularly to reduce your risk of cancer. They say far too many people alone consume the drink regularly enough to significantly increase their cancer risk. 
Although scientists didn’t test root beer, they suspect this drink might pose the same risk. Researchers therefore recommend you stop drinking root beer regularly too until lab tests on it are done (so keep your eyes open for a follow-up article once new findings on this matter are released).
Researchers believe that beverage makers and the government should take the appropriate steps to protect your health (and more specifically your cancer risk), but they don’t see that happening in the near future.
They believe that Coke exposes its consumers to an unnecessary risk, but say it’s avoidable nonetheless (simply stay away from it). 
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Warning: Drinking Coke regularly can significantly raise your cancer risk
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