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Warning: Don't touch that wine at book club!

by , 07 October 2014

Thought you could get away with drinking a glass of wine at book club?

Not anymore!

Even small amounts of alcohol are bad for you. In particular, your cancer risk.

Experts are saying alcohol increases your risk of dying from cancer 30%. And, if that's not shocking enough, 15% of these cancer-related deaths are a result of breast cancer.

So articles that say its safe for you to drink an alcoholic beverage every day are misleading and leaving you with a soaring cancer risk.

Researchers of the latest study in alcohol and cancer related deaths, posted in the American Journal of Public Health, say there truly isn't a “safe” amount of alcohol you can drink.

And because there's plenty of research about drinking alcohol - like red wine - for its health benefits, they were sure to add: “Alcohol causes 10 times as many deaths as it prevents.”

So, it's clear: Staying away from alcohol is what will bring you into the lowest risk category, say experts.

And while there's no clear evidence as to how exactly alcohol increases your cancer risk, researchers have a few theories…

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Alcohol plays a huge role in how cancer invades your body

There are three theories about how alcohol influences cancer’s ability to invade:
1.    Alcohol damages your cells’ DNA and prevents them from repairing themselves. It may also cause direct damage to the cell in the process.
2.    Alcohol can be a favourable solution for other cancer-causing agents and chemicals – like those found in smoking – to get into cells and change their function.
3.    Alcohol can change the levels and production of key hormones like oestrogen and thus increase your cancer risk.
But no matter how alcohol influences your risk, one think is clear: Your risk of cancer is greater, the more alcohol you drink.
So there’s only one thing you can do to lower your risk!
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Cut alcohol from your diet to lower your cancer risk

While you may not want to stop having a glass of wine or beer here and there, it’s in your health’s best interest to cut down on your drinking. And this even if you don’t drink much already!
Here are three tips to ensure you can cut back on alcoholic beverages without feeling deprived from all of life’s “guilty” pleasures…

Use these three tips to drink less alcohol and lower your cancer risk

Tip #1: Choose a day you can have a glass
Instead of having a glass of wine with dinner every night, find something else that’s tasty and refreshing. Then avoid feeling completely deprived by allowing yourself one or two nights a week where you can drink a small glass of wine without feeling guilty.
Tip #2: Drink with a mixer
Divide your wine into two servings and have a wine spritzer instead.
Not only will you be cutting down your intake, you’ll be able to enjoy two drinks on the night of your choosing instead of just one.
Tip #3: Start spending more time at home in the evenings and go out during the day
If you’re social and enjoy an evening out with your friends, mix it up a bit. Rather meet friends for coffee and keep the evening “drinks” meeting to special occasions. Eat at home in the evenings to avoid the constant temptation of having a couple glasses of wine when you’re out to dinner with friends.
It’s really not worth drinking alcohol when you think about the effect is has on your health and what your cancer risk is even when you don’t drink that much!

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Warning: Don't touch that wine at book club!
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