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Warning: Don't sit at the beach all day this December! It could kill you

by , 03 December 2014

Sitting on the beach all day these holidays might seem like the best thing in the world to relax and get over the stress of the past year.

But did you know that sitting could kill you?

That's right!

Experts say that sitting for more than two hours a day increases your colon cancer risk 8%. Sit for six or more hours and your risk increases 10%.

Those who sit behind a desk for most of the day have a soaring 24% risk and if you go home and sit in front of the TV all evening, your risk almost doubles and makes you 54% more likely to develop colon cancer.

Now just think back to what you've been doing the whole year behind your desk: Sitting!

So carrying on this trend at the beach isn't healthy at all!

That's why it's a lot better for you to get up, throw the Frisbee, play beach cricket, go for a run or splash around in the waves.

Read on to discover other ways to prevent sitting from leaving you with a soaring colon cancer risk…

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Experts have known how bad sitting is for your health since the 60s

In the 60s, researchers were already aware of the health hazards and higher cancer risk from sitting.
After examining the health of postal workers who walked their round every day and compared them to accountants and office workers, they noted their general health was better and they had a lower cancer risk.
More recently, however, researchers looked into the effects of long-term sitting, which seems to be the norm rather than the exception.
Researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine looked into 43 other studies and compared the results. Over four million people were collectively involved in the studies and shockingly, over 700,000 of them developed colon cancer.
And they could connect most of the cases to the amount each sufferer sat during their life.
Don’t let this be your fate. Not while you’re still at work and certainly not while you’re trying to enjoy a relaxing holiday.
Here are some ways to protect your digestive health from the devastating effects of sitting.
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Use these six tips to prevent colon cancer from robbing you of your health

#1. Watch less TV: It might be the last thing you want to do, but go to gym after work or simply wander around the garden with your cup of coffee until the sun goes down.
Make it a habit to only watch TV when it’s completely dark and you’ll notice how much less you sit during the day.
#2. Get up a couple times every hour: Don’t sit at your desk or on the comfy beach chair all day. Get up a couple times and hour and move around.
At the office, don’t send emails to your colleagues or phone them, get up and go over to them!
#3. Use the stairs: You’ve heard this one over and over. Even if you just take the stairs in one direction each time, as long as you’re doing it, you’ll be better off for it.
#4. Park in a distant spot: Whether it’s at the beach, a restaurant or at the office, park as far away as safely possible from the entrance of your destination.
And the more goodies you carry, the more work you’re doing. So don’t let a full picnic basket, umbrella and chairs make you think it’s ok to park right at the beachfront.
#5. Don’t eat lunch while sitting: Sadly, weight loss issues stopped people from having lunch on the go because “gurus” said it’ll make you fat if you stand and eat. But it might leave you with colon cancer if you don’t…
#6. Play: Set a good example for your kids and force them to get up and have fun. If you’re at the beach, join them in a game or, if you’re at home, keep them away from the TV and computer as much as possible.
Sitting too long is one of the worst things you can do to your body and health. So stop sitting so much and protect yourself from colon cancer. 

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Warning: Don't sit at the beach all day this December! It could kill you
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