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Ward off colon cancer by adding this purple veggie to your diet

by , 27 September 2017
Ward off colon cancer by adding this purple veggie to your diet
If you thought that purple potatoes are merely good for adding a pop of colour to your plate, think again. A new study conducted by researchers at Pennsylvania State University in the United States has found that eating purple potatoes can lower the risk of colon cancer in pigs.

The study, published in The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, explains that purple-fleshed potatoes are abundant in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory compounds called anthocyanins and phenolic acids, and previous studies have suggested that these compounds have cancer-fighting properties.

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Study finds a link between eating purple potatoes and a lower risk of colon cancer

To reach their findings, the researchers fed three groups of pigs one of three diets for 13 weeks: A standard control diet, a high-calorie diet or a high-calorie diet supplemented with raw or baked purple potatoes.
After the 13-week period, they screened the pigs’ colonic tissue for markers associated with colon cancer. They discovered that the animals who ate a high-calorie diet had higher levels of IL-6, a pro-inflammatory protein tied to a higher colon cancer risk, than those in the control group.


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However, they also found that the pigs who ate a high-calorie diet that included purple potatoes had IL-6 levels that were six times lower than the IL-6 levels of those in the control group, which suggests that eating purple potatoes can help fight off colon cancer.

Tips to incorporate purple potatoes into your meals

  • Check out these simple ways to work purple potatoes into your diet:
  • Use purple potatoes in soups and stews;
  • Add slices of purple potatoes to a vegetable frittata or quiche;
  • Roast purple potatoes in the oven and drizzle with tahini for a satisfying side dish; or
  • Chill oven-roasted purple potatoes, slice them and then add to salads.
Who would’ve guessed that this vibrant vegetable can help lower your risk of colon cancer?

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Ward off colon cancer by adding this purple veggie to your diet
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