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Vitamin C for cancer: Controversy or cure?

by , 11 November 2014

Debate about vitamin C and its use in cancer treatment has been going on since the turn of the century. Over a decade later, they still continue.

And the most recent “controversy/cure” arguments come after a University of Kansas study. Published earlier this year in the Science Translational Medicine, the study has plenty experts up in arms.

Researchers at the university say vitamin C helps treat cancer and kill off tumour cells. In humans!

Read on to find out what the controversy is all about and what researchers found…

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Is vitamin C the cancer “cure” scientists have been hoping for?

Dr Qi Chen and hia colleagues had three parts to their study.
First, they tested the reaction of vitamin C on cancer cells in a petri dish.
When they injected high doses of vitamin C into the ovarian cancer cells, it destroyed their DNA, but it didn’t affect the other healthy cells.
Next, they tested the same dose of vitamin C on mice with ovarian cancer. Despite the high dose, it didn’t have a toxic effect on the animals. And when they had chemotherapy, the combination of vitamin C accelerated the death of the tumour cells.
Because they had such positive results in the mice, it was time to test the theory on humans.
They recruited 25 volunteers into the study. All had advanced ovarian cancer – one of the most aggressive and deadliest forms of cancer in women.
When they added the high dose of vitamin C to the women’s chemotherapy, it appeared to have two strong benefits:
1.    The chemo side effects were less severe; and
2.    The tumour cells became disrupted in less time than on chemo alone.
The researchers said that while the study is too small to tell whether it’s a viable treatment form to roll out, it’s definitely worth testing on a larger group!
But there’s still controversy surrounding vitamins and their use in cancer treatment and prevention.
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Vitamins may also accelerate cancer, warn experts

While complementary and alternative medical practices have been using vitamins to treat and prevent cancer for years, experts say it’s not a “one size fits all” kind of situation.
There’s evidence to suggest taking too many vitamins might fuel or even cause cancer cells to grow.
One of the more well known studies in this regard is on men and how high doses of vitamin C could lead to aggressive prostate cancer development.
Other experts warn using high doses of vitamin C in treatments starts treading in drug territory and it’s no longer a “natural” treatment.
While experts continue to debate the use of vitamin C in cancer treatment, the evidence suggests that taking your daily vitamins, especially vitamin C, is an essential part of maintaining your immune system and boosting your body’s ability to fight invasion.
But stick to the natural ways to get your daily dose…

Eat these 11 foods to boost your body’s cancer fighting abilities

1.    Guava
2.    Red pepper
3.    Kiwi
4.    Orange
5.    Strawberry
6.    Brussel sprouts
7.    Kale
8.    Broccoli
9.    Tomato
10. Peas
11. Pawpaw
Eating healthy foods – including those packed full of vitamin C – are essential to your cancer beating diet.
Here’s another article about foods that help your body keep fighting fit against cancer.

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Vitamin C for cancer: Controversy or cure?
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