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Vitamin B trumps aggressive breast cancer...

by , 08 March 2013

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer for women and it's the second leading cause of death in women cancer sufferers after lung cancer. But now there's new hope for fighting breast cancer in the form of a simple vitamin, take a look...

Vitamin B trumps aggressive breast cancer...
by Christine O'Brien, Nutrition & Healing

Simple, yet powerful, vitamin B-complex is turning heads in the cancer research community...
A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, showed that nicotinamide, a vitamin B-complex derived from niacin, could be the life-saving substance that beats the most aggressive types of breast cancers in the future. 

The researchers from the Scripps Research Institute fed 
mice with aggressive forms of breast cancer water with nicotinamide. The results were amazing. The nicotinamide didn’t just halt tumour growth, it also prevented the cancer from spreading.
Metastatic breast cancer 
is the most deadly and aggressive form of breast cancer and spreads rapidly. If nicotinamide can stop the spread of this terrible disease, as this preliminary research suggests, it could save tens of thousands of lives every year.
These results are preliminary and more studies are necessary to prove its efficacy. But, because nicotinamide is a safe and approved vitamin - already used to help treat a number of conditions including high cholesterol and skin cancer - human trials may be just months away, instead of years from now.

That's right, putting an end to breast cancer (at a fraction of the cost of mainstream therapies) could be a reality in the near future. For tens of thousands of women, it could mean not having to endure traumatic surgery, months of sickening radiation, 
disfiguring mastectomies and all the heartbreak that accompanies conventional breast cancer treatment.

Give yourself up to a 98% greater chance of beating cancer?

When 7-year-old Tommy G. was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, he underwent surgery, 24 radiation treatments and additional experimental therapies. After he failed to respond to any of these treatments, little Tommy was discharged and sent home. His life expectancy was less than 6 months.

His parents prayed for a solution. But something even better happened...

A friend sent Tommy’s mother an article about Dr Johanna Budwig – Germany’s premiere biochemist and a six-time Nobel Award nominee. Dr Budwig had formulated a remarkably simple cancer-fighting diet based on two key nutrients. Her research showed that together, they could both prevent and help heal cancer.

What an understatement! Just three weeks after starting the diet, little Tommy returned to school. And 11 years later, at the age of 18, a very healthy Tommy G. was showing great promise in his university work. Read more amazing stories like this here and find out how you could increase your chances of beating cancer too...

Is kidney cancer treatment worse than the actual disease?

This does seem to be the case. A recent review of 7,000 patients has shown that the mainstream "cure" for kidney cancer may be worse than the disease itself. Read more here...


Did you know that...
  • 93% of non–organic oranges analysed contained pesticide residues
  • 78% of apples analysed contained pesticide residues
  • 71% of cereal bars contain pesticide residues
  • 83% of oily fish (like tuna) showed pesticide residues
Find out how to avoid these deadly health traps here...

Mercury hazards in fish…
by Dr Mark Stengler, Health Revelations
In a recent study, 84% of fish tested exceeded the 'safe' mercury limits. Just one serving a month in fact would push your consumption over that limit. Not that there is really a 'safe' limit because when it comes to mercury, any exposure is dangerous.
The worst affected fish were... Read more here...

Is eye laser surgery a permanent solution or do you have to redo surgery every few years?

Wiping out the stealth disease lurking behind cancer...

Cancer isn't actually what kills most cancer patients. The deadly enemy in cancer patients is actually cachexia...

Have you heard of this before? Has anyone told you about this yet?

You see, tumour cells need even more energy than regular cells, so they gobble up the little nutrition your body has while the rest of your cells starve... And while the tumour is getting strong and healthy, you're wasting away - until your body just gives up on you.

In other words, as horrible as it sounds, most cancer patients die feeding their own tumours!

For a long time, most of the experts assumed it only happened in the final stages of the disease. But Dr Gold discovered that cachexia actually begins the moment the very first cancer cell appears.

He also pinpointed a specific enzyme in the liver responsible for setting off cachexia. Dr Gold knew if he could shut down that enzyme, it would turn the tables on this stealth enemy, and stop cancer in its tracks. Read more here...

“Conquer cancer with mustard? Impossible!”

But Dr Wright helped to bring the research about with a harmless mustard extract that erased up to 50% of a common type of cancer.

Find out more here...

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Vitamin B trumps aggressive breast cancer...
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