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Twelve ways to reduce your oestrogen levels yourself so you don't suffer health risks including cancer, osteoporosis and infertility

by , 20 April 2015

Did you know that oestrogen levels have never been higher in the history of mankind than they are today?
That's terrifying when you consider that the dangers of having too much oestrogen include cancer, osteoporosis and infertility.

Scary, isn't it?

And that's why reducing your oestrogen levels is a good idea. And today, I've compiled 12 ways the World Cancer Report says how you can do this yourself!

Don't think too much oestrogen is dangerous? Think again!

Mood swings, no sex drive, osteoporosis, fibroids to thyroid problems, those are just a few of the side effects that come with having too much oestrogen in your body.

But they're not even the worst.

As Professor Richard Sharpe, a senior scientist with the Medial Research Council Human Reproductive Science Unit, explains too much oestrogen also raises your risk blood clots, encourages middle-aged spread (bad for your heart and diabetes risk) and even ups your risk of prostate and breast cancer.
And there are dozens of things – from plastic containers to pesticides on your food – putting you at risk. But that doesn’t mean you can’t protect yourself. 

12 quick and easy “do-it-yourself” ways to reduce your oestrogen levels

Tip #1: Maintain a healthy weight

Being overweight is a big no-no if you want to reduce your oestrogen levels. Fat levels in your body will increase your oestrogen levels, so make sure you maintain a healthy weight and burn fat by eating well and exercising regularly.

Tip #2: Eat less red and mass market meat

When you eat meat, you add the animals’ own oestrogen to your body. Red and mass markets meats contain high levels of oestrogen so should be avoided. Ensure that your diet has a good balance between the multiple food groups and isn’t overly rich in meat.

Tip #3: Opt for a toxin-free home

There are many ways you can do this.
Don’t put perfume or perfumed products on your skin (this includes aftershave balms and body lotions);
Don’t drink liquids from warm or hot plastic cups or bottles;
Avoid parabens where possible in toiletries;
Beware of eating tinned food from cans with white linings; and
Beware of gases from common bleaches and cleaners.
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Tip #4: Eat your greens

Eat more green vegetables such as broccoli. They help your body convertthe  aggressive form of oestrogen called oestradiol into its safer sisters.

Tip #5: Eat vibrant yellow and red foods

Eat foods such as beetroot, marrows and peppers for their organic pigments (carotenoids). Some mushrooms can also reduce oestrogen levels, as can flaxseed (great for sprinkling on top of your breakfast!).

Tip #6: Eat more pulses

Phytoestrogens (plant-derived xenoestrogens) are considerably less potent and can block your cell receptor sites from accepting human oestradiol (the bad kind of oestrogen as mentioned above). Consider clover, hummus, lentils and red kidney beans.

Tip #7: Go organic!

This is not for everyone, but this diet change is guaranteed to do you a world of good. Oestrogen-enhancing pesticides like DDT and Lindane are still appearing in our food chain (especially in imported foods) and should be avoided. 

Tip #8: Be aware of sunscreen ingredients

Ingredients such as PABA, retinyl pamitate and oxybenzone have been banned or questioned already. Watch out for other harmful ingredients such as EU too. 

Tip #9: Exercise lightly each day

Spend 30 minutes each day on exercising lightly (brisk walking or jogging are great options). This will assist in lowering your oestrogen levels as well as your cancer risk, believe it or not, according to a recent report published by the World Cancer Report 
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Tip #10: Sleep well

Regulate the amount of hours you spend sleeping each day and ensure you always sleep in a fully darkened room. Melatonin has been shown to balance oestrogen excesses in the body and have real epigenetic benefits. You may also want to consider a melatonin supplementat if you struggle to sleep well.

Tip #11: Reduce your exposure to electromotive forces (EMFs)

Did you know that EMFs reduce your melatonin levels? Not good at all! Beware if you live near power cables, or if you have TVs or other electrical equipment around your bed. 

Tip #12: Avoid taking antibiotics

As far as you can, avoid taking antibiotics and multi-strain probiotics. Why? Because your stomach’s natural bacteria has been proven to help the removal of oestrogen compounds from your body.
There you have it. To keep your oestrogen levels normal and not elevated, which puts you at the risks mentioned at the beginning of this article, try these smart, easy home tips. 

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Twelve ways to reduce your oestrogen levels yourself so you don't suffer health risks including cancer, osteoporosis and infertility
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