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Try these natural cancer remedies - they aren't ‘tough'!

by , 14 February 2013

Venezuela's president, Hugo Chávez, has been presenting a medical mystery to us for months. He won't let on what type of cancer he has or even what type of cancer treatment he's undergoing, apart from describing it as ‘tough and complicated'. Here are a few natural cancer remedies you can try if you aren't afraid of letting on that you have cancer…

Venezuela’s president Hugo Chávez is having ‘complex’ alternative cancer treatment, writes The Guardian. 
This comes more than two months after Chávez had cancer surgery in Cuba, but government officials are keeping mum on exactly what this alternative cancer treatment entails. 
They’re not even letting on what type of cancer Chávez was operated on for, apart from saying that was “in the pelvic region,” adds The Telegraph.
That probably means its prostate cancer, as the “prostatic part of the urethra develops from the pelvic region”, says Wikipedia.
So that part of the puzzle’s likely solved. 
But the alternative cancer treatment Chávez is going through can’t possibly involve natural cancer remedies, as they certainly aren’t ‘tough’ or ‘complicated’!
Try these natural cancer remedies instead of painful ‘alternative cancer treatment’
Most cancers can be beaten through a combination of “herbals, supplements, food and exercise”, says FSP Health.
For example, curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, could halt the spread of prostate and breast cancer.
And you can make a few simple lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of developing cancer at all.
They work because “unhealthy body weight, unbalanced diet and lack of exercise are responsible for 90% of cancers,” says FSP Health.
This includes cutting down on the amount of pan-fried red meat, like hamburgers, that you eat.  
Five other lifestyle changes that can prevent cancer from developing
  1. Stop smoking! It’s the single biggest cause of cancer in the world;
  2. Eat high fibre and low fat foods;
  3. Drink lots of fresh clean water;
  4. Get plenty of exercise; and
  5. Watch your weight.
Make these simple lifestyle changes and start living a healthy, balanced lifestyle to stop cancer in its tracks and you won’t have to go through any complicated alternative cancer treatment!

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Try these natural cancer remedies - they aren't ‘tough'!
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