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Try Reiki as a complementary treatment in your fight against cancer

by , 07 January 2014

Patients often seek alternative treatments for a variety of ailments. And those who suffer from cancer are no different. So it's no wonder that cancer patients have turned to Reiki as a complementary treatment in their fight against cancer. They say it leaves them feeling deeply relaxed, less anxious and with more energy. So how do you know if it's the right option for you?

Patients who suffer from many different ailments look for alternatives to traditional medications and treatments, preferring to use natural methods in their healing process. 
This goes for cancer patients too, says Cancer Research UK. 
And although there’s no evidence that shows Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) cures cancer, patients explain that it helps them in different ways. 
Reiki helps to ease a cancer patients’ mind and leaves them feeling relaxed 
Reiki provides a deep relaxation in a patient. And, as you’re likely to be anxious as a result of your current cancer treatment, you need to relax. 
This deep relaxation fights the fatigue that comes from your chemo. 
An article in the Wall Street Journal adds that during Reiki patients feel the benefit of human touch and comfort during the session. 
"We do have a reciprocal effect between the mind and the body. If you relax one, you relax the other," Dr Cassileth  chief of the Integrative Medicine Service at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York says.
Whether Reiki is right for you depends on your personal decision
It’s so beneficial, in fact, sciences has started to look into the effects Reiki has on patients undergoing cancer treatment. In 2009 in Canada, out of 12 people in the trial, nine patients showed significant and helpful effects of the treatment. 
Another study by the American National Centre of Complementary and Alternative Medicine is underway on 120 prostate cancer sufferers. They’re undergoing traditional treatment while seeking Reiki as complementary care. 
While there are no known side effects of Reiki, it’s important to get enough rest and drink lots of water after a session. 
So if you’re looking for a complementary treatment while you’re undergoing your normal care, give Reiki a try. You can stop at any time, but you might just feel the benefits that’ll give you enough strength to keep fighting. 

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Try Reiki as a complementary treatment in your fight against cancer
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