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Tossing and turning all night? It could cause cancer…

by , 13 November 2014

If you don't manage to get seven to nine hours of solid, good quality sleep every night, your health may be at risk, says new research.

When mice suffered constant sleep disruptions, their cancer risk shot up.

But the reason wasn't because they already had a higher cancer risk. It was because of what lack of sleep did to their immune system.

That's right!

And just like in mince, a constant lack of sleep could be the reason YOU develop cancer.

Read on to discover why it's essential for your health to sleep…

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Inflammation and weak immunity leaves you with a higher cancer risk

Researchers from the Universities of Chicago and Louisiana looked into why sleep deprived mice had a higher risk. They found it had to do with the way it interrupted an important immune system protein. Specifically a protein that activates your innate immune pathways.
Now, there are two parts to your immune system: The innate and adaptive parts.
The innate immune system is your first line of defence against attacking organisms. It’s the part of your immune system that’s always ready to attack. And unlike the adaptive part, it doesn’t “remember” harmful particles it comes into contact with. It simply attacks everything it sees as bad with the same amount of force.
So, as you can imagine, disrupting this first line of maximal defence is a big problem. Especially when it comes to invading, cancerous cells!
If your body can’t attack and break them down, they can grow and proliferate as they see fit. And all because you don’t sleep enough.
It was clear why when researchers examined the mice. They found those who didn’t sleep well had twice the chance of developing large, aggressive tumours than the ones who slept well.
And it was scary how aggressive the cancer cells were.
Instead of the tumour remaining in its capsule-like sphere of scar tissue as they usually do, the cells had broken through the other tissue and invaded other cells with ease.
When they discovered this, researchers looked further into the “why?”
What they found was astonishing.
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Your body feeds and promotes cancer cell growth after sleep deprivation

A group of immune cells known as tumour-associated macrophages (TAMs) usually help your body fight genetically different cell formation.
But when they receive the wrong signals – like when your body hasn’t been able to rest and restore itself properly – they do something completely different.
Instead of fighting off the harmful cells, they feed them.
Researchers found they actually provide them with more blood vessels and nutrients to help the tumour grow!
And the signal comes from one protein: TLR4.

Taking TLR4 out of the mice stopped the cancer cells growing

When researchers removed the messenger protein TLR4 from the mice, their cancer cells stopped growing.
So they concluded it’s this protein that tells TAMs to behave in a negative way. And the messages get mixed up because you’re not sleeping enough.
That means there’s only one thing you can do.

Get more sleep to make sure your body doesn’t start a cancer war

All you can do to ensure your body works as it should is to get seven to nine hours of good quality sleep every night.
If you’re unable to sleep soundly naturally, speak to your doctor about using a natural sleep aid to protect yourself from dangerous forms of cancer that develop while you’re tossing and turning in bed. 

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Tossing and turning all night? It could cause cancer…
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