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Three of the most common breast cancer myths dispelled

by , 11 August 2017
Three of the most common breast cancer myths dispelled
If you've done a quick Google search on what causes breast cancer, you've likely come across a number of claims about what can increase your risk of the disease.

But here's the thing: Some of these so-called breast cancer facts are actually myths or misconceptions that aren't supported by scientific evidence. On that note, we've dispelled three the most common breast cancer myths…

Don’t believe these three most common breast cancer myths

#1: You’re only at risk of breast cancer if you have a family history
This breast cancer myth is definitely the most common. But, believe it or not, around 70% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have absolutely no identifiable risk factors for the disease. The family history risk factors for breast cancer are as follows: If a first-degree relative – such as a parent, sibling or child – has or has had breast cancer, your risk of developing the disease increases by 50%. Having two first-degree relatives with breast cancer increases your risk even more!


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#2: Wearing an underwire bra can boost your risk of breast cancer
There are many claims that wearing an underwire bra can compress the lymphatic system of your breasts, causing toxins to build up and cause breast cancer. However, these claims have been widely debunked as unscientific. So what then? The consensus is that the type of bra your wear nor the tightness of your bra or other items of clothing has any impact on your breast cancer risk.
#3: In most cases, breast lumps are cancerous
Statistics reveal that approximately 50% of breast lumps are caused by benign – or non-cancerous – changes, cysts or other conditions. That said, doctors encourage women to seek medical attention the minute they notice any changes in their breasts because catching breast cancer in its tracks is so beneficial. Your doctor may recommend a mammogram, ultrasound or biopsy to determine if a breast lump is cancerous.
Make sure you know the difference between breast cancer facts and fiction!

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Three of the most common breast cancer myths dispelled
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