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Three natural ways to reduce your risk of a breast cancer relapse

by , 19 October 2017
Three natural ways to reduce your risk of a breast cancer relapse
If you were diagnosed with breast cancer in the past, there's around a 3% chance it may come back again, according to various studies.

One large-scale published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology in 2016 found that your risk for a relapse is highest within the first five years, and especially the first year or two after surgery.

While you'll be under the watchful eye of your doctor after surgery, it won't hurt to take a few steps to reduce your risk of a cancer recurrence. Here are three natural ways to prevent breast cancer from coming back…

Three natural tips to reduce your risk of a breast cancer recurrence

#1: Stop smoking!
According to a 2017 review, women who continue to smoke after being diagnosed with breast cancer are more likely to die of the disease than women who stop smoking after their diagnosis. Researchers aren’t sure if cutting out cigarettes can reduce your risk of a relapse, however, they think it might help you live longer.


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#2: Limit your alcohol intake
Although studies haven’t identified a definitive link, researchers are confident that limiting your alcohol intake can help prevent breast cancer from coming back. Some studies have found that women who are heavy drinkers – those who consume more than 20 g, which is equal to about a drink and a half, per day – have a higher risk of dying of breast cancer than women who drink less. Generally speaking, it’s a smart idea to cut back your alcohol intake to one drink per day.
#3: Avoid eating saturated fats
This is a topic of debate, but the same 2017 review mentioned earlier found that women who eat more saturated fats and high-fat dairy products are more likely to die from breast cancer. That being said, researchers aren’t clear on whether or not it’s the fat that’s to blame. As they pointed out, women who reduce their calories from fat also tend to drop weight, which is another way to reduce your risk of a recurrence.
These efforts to protect yourself against a breast cancer relapse may seem small, but can be mighty effective.

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Three natural ways to reduce your risk of a breast cancer relapse
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