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This is how much green tea you need to drink to reap its cancer-fighting benefits

by , 22 November 2016
This is how much green tea you need to drink to reap its cancer-fighting benefits
One of the most potent all-natural cancer-fighters in the world is a tea that's readily available and completely affordable - enter green tea.

Interestingly enough, green tea's medicinal benefits were first spotted in Japan, when people living in a specific region where the tea grew wildly had surprisingly lower rates of cancer.

Since then, a growing body of research has suggested that drinking green tea can help prevent a number of different cancers by protecting your cells from toxic agents, inhibiting the growth and metastasis of tumours and causing cancer kills to die.

What's more, research has shown that green tea can also reduce your bad cholesterol levels, slash your risk of type 2 diabetes and calm inflammation throughout your body. But just how much green tea do you need to drink to reap these incredible benefits?

Sally Beare, a nutritional therapist and the author of The Live-Longer Diet, explains…

How much green tea you need to drink to prevent disease

According to Beare, green tea’s disease-fighting abilities come from its high content of EGCG (or epigallocatechin-3-gallate). This single ingredient packs a whopping one hundred times more antioxidant power than vitamin C! But because EGCG isn’t particularly easily absorbed, you need to consume a specific amount to reap the benefits.
Based on studies, you need to drink at least five big cups (about 25 ml each) of green tea every day to have a statistically anti-cancer effect. Depending on the quality of the tea you’re sipping, this will give you 300 to 400 mg of EGCG, which is the amount used in most laboratory studies.
Sure, this may seem like a lot of tea for the average Westerner, so Beare says that even if you don’t have five cups a day, one or two a day will still be beneficial if you’re already following a healthy diet. Plus, to maximise the health (and taste) benefits of green tea), she has a few tricks…

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Top tips to maximise the health benefits of green tea

  • Choose organic green tea to avoid pesticides.
  • The EGCG content in green tea differs from brand to brand, so do your research before buying.
  • Loose leaf green tea is best. If you can’t find it, look for a top quality bagged green tea brand.
  • When you’re making your green tea, use hot but not boiling water to prevent a bitter flavour.
  • Steep your green tea for at least three to five minutes. If you find that it tastes too bitter, steep for less.
  • Drink your green tea slowly and try to hold it in your mouth for a few seconds. This has been found to enhance the delivery of EGCG.
  • It’s said that the ancient Chinese felt green tea should be picked from the rainforest and sipped in a pavilion next to a lily pond. If that option isn’t available to you, try to sit down with your cup and use it as an excuse to relax and really enjoy the moment!
  • A squeeze of lemon in your green tea will make the EGCG more biodegradable.
  • Brew a fresh batch of green tea after your third cup as the EGCG will drop thereafter.
  • Don’t drink green tea late in the day – it contains some caffeine and will keep you awake at night!
  • If you feel nauseous when drinking green tea, it could be due to your stomach acid, so try drinking it with food.
  • You should avoid taking green tea supplements as they’ve been reported to cause liver damage.
  • If you drink green tea as part of a balanced diet, the effects will enhance each other.
  • Matcha green tea contains more EGCG than ordinary green tea, so avoid taking very large amounts of the powdered form as it can wreak havoc on your liver!
  • If you’re pregnant, limit your green tea consumption as EGCG can reduce the use of folic acid in your cells.
These handy tips will make sure you have the healthiest green tea experience!

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This is how much green tea you need to drink to reap its cancer-fighting benefits
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