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This flu fighting vitamin can stop cancer in its tracks!

by , 21 May 2015

Vitamin C has always just been a colds and flu vitamin to me… But recently Dr Golding shared how this under rated vitamin can prevent cancer!

Studies show that higher levels of vitamin C actually causes cancer cells to die…

Read on to discover why…


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So what is the unexpected power of vitamin C on cancer cells?
Today a team of scientists at John Hopkins University are showing that vitamin C can stop the growth of a tumour and can kill cancer cells.
In the study of 27 patients newly diagnosed with stage 3 or stage 4 cancer, researchers found that patients who received a high-dose of vitamin C were able to kill the cancer cells without noticeable toxicity or pathological changes in the liver, kidney or spleen.
The vitamin C works on the tumour or cancer cells by stopping oxygen, causing them to die.
But are all vitamin Cs made equal?
Dr Golding explained that not all supplements are the same or even equal…
You need to look out for a few things when going vitamin C shopping:
  • Ascorbic fat and water soluble forms of vitamin C is the best. You need both of these to protect the fatty areas of the body  (like the brain cells), as well as the watery areas (like the blood) 
  • Check for fillers, capsules and pills should contain minimum fillers because you want maximum strength. Fillers on the bottle will be noted as: Lactose, calcium, preservatives, colorants, gluten, wheat, yeast, sugar and salt.
  • Quantity and quality, you want to get the best for your money and at the same time you want the vitamins to work. So learn to read your supplement bottles. For a good dose of vitamin C you want to be taking at least two 1,000mg slow releasing tablets.
  • Take your vitamin C with a lot of water on a full stomach. To help with absorption.

Here’s a good reason to take vitamin C every day to prevent cancer and not just in winter to fight colds and flu.

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This flu fighting vitamin can stop cancer in its tracks!
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