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This could be the most inspiring cancer survivor story you've read...

by , 24 June 2013

She's a vibrant lady in her early 40s. Her name is Ivelisse and she lights up a room. She's one of those passionate and bubbly people - full of life...

At least, that's how she is today. Less than half a decade ago, Ivelisse was on the brink of death.

In her late thirties, she was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer. Her chances of survival were less than 10%.

Then, just five weeks after she underwent a vicious colon surgery, her doctor announced the news: The cancer had spread to her liver. Again, she went under the knife to remove the tumour.

Her situation was desperate. But as a wife and mother of four, she had at least five great reasons to fight her disease with all her might.  

But now, the chance that chemotherapy would help her survive was very low. So Ivelisse opted for an alternative medicine protocol instead.

It included mistletoe and thymus injections, along with various supplements.

No chemo. No radiation. Four years later, Ivelisse is alive. She's cancer-free - and thriving.  

What’s more, she doesn’t have to worry about secondary cancers that chemo and radiation often cause.

Ivelisse’s remarkable experience led her and her husband to establish Believe Big. It's an organisation that offers guidance and support for cancer patients and their families.

They also promote natural medicine. But this is far more than just a recommendation. They’ve actually begun work on a mistletoe clinical trial with Johns Hopkins Hospital in the USA.

If you or someone you care about has cancer, you can take advantage of many of Believe Big's resources by going to their website - http://www.believebig.org.

While there, you can read more about the Johns Hopkins research on mistletoe. It's alternative therapies like this one that have any hope of tipping the scale towards more survivors in the future. To read about more natural cancer healing therapies, click here...

Alternative cancer treatments...

Would you submit to a cancer treatment that your doctor wouldn't use himself? Me neither! Believe it or not though, millions do!

The truth is... They're lying to you left and right about the world's most deadly disease... And they know it.

But there are alternatives, keep reading to discover these secrets to reducing your risk of cancer...

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This could be the most inspiring cancer survivor story you've read...
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