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This common dental procedure could give you breast cancer

by , 14 October 2015

No one wants to have a root canal. Yet, it's one of the most common dental procedures around.

This despite the fact that new research reveals it can cause breast cancer.

Read on to find out more below.

Root canal turns friendly bacteria into cancer-causing toxins

During a root canal, your dentist hollows out your infected tooth and fills it with metal rods. These rods eliminate blood flow to the tooth and kill it. 
But they do something else too. They create a safe haven where oral bacteria can live and grow uninhibited. 
Normally, these bacteria are friendly. But without access to blood, the pressure of oxygen and nutrient deficiency turns them into poisonous toxins that are protected by your now dead tooth, where no amount of antibiotics can reach them. And it’s these toxins that leach into your body where they degenerate tissue and eventually cause cancer.  
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Famed cancer doctor discovers 97% of cancer patients had root canals

One of the first doctors to recognise this connection between cancer and root canals was famed German cancer doctor, Dr Josef M. Issels.
During his 40 years treating terminal cancer patients, Dr Issels documented a shocking fact that 97% of his patients had root canals. It was a link so strong, he actually refused to start treatment until his patients had all their root canals removed.
But it was Dr Rau who discovered the shocking reason these bacteria target your breasts.

Root canals in your premolars and molars put your breasts in cancer’s way

When Dr Thomas Rau, the medical director of the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland (Europe’s most prominent cancer treatment centre since 1957) came across Dr Issels’ research, he looked into the records of his last 150 breast cancer patients he’d treated.
And discovered that in all but three cases, all his patients had at least one root canal. 
Even more surprising, after plotting the dental chart of his patients, he discovered why. 
You see, root canals mostly occur in your molars and your premolars. These teeth lie on the “stomach acupuncture meridian”. And so do your breasts. This, as Dr Rau explains, means “a problem in a tooth situated on this meridian will block the flow of energy along the pathway of the stomach meridian, causing degeneration and eventually cancer” in those areas.

What can you do about it?

Well, if you’ve had root canal in one of these teeth get it seen to by a biological dentist in your area. He’ll help you make an informed decision about whether you need to get this dead tooth removed or not. 
And the next time your dentist suggests root canal, talk to him about extracting the tooth and then using an implant or dental bridge to cover up the hole. 
After all, would you rather have a temporary gap in your mouth where your tooth used to be or breast cancer

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This common dental procedure could give you breast cancer
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