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There's a simple way to reduce lung cancer risk - even if you smoke!

by , 04 September 2013

Fox News reported non-smokers who eat garlic every day could cut their lung cancer risk by nearly half!

In fact, garlic even seems to help prevent cancer in smokers! In a new study, smokers who ate garlic every day were 30% less likely to develop lung cancer.

But how does garlic protect against lung cancer?

Researchers believe reducing inflammation is key to cancer prevention. And, garlic is one of the best natural inflammation fighters known to mankind.

The best is, when you relieve inflammation, everything improves… Your heart, brain, immune system… Your whole body benefits.
And that’s not all…

Keep mosquitoes away…

With the warm season approaching, it’s time to increase your intake of garlic and vitamin B1 (thiamine). Mosquitoes hate it!
And, if you’re diabetic, you’ll not only itch less, your health could improve significantly by taking these two nutrients…

Recently, a Warwick Medical School in the UK issued a press release on a thiamine study conducted at their school. Researchers discovered a link between the deficiency of thiamine (vitamin B1) and vascular problems in diabetics.

And, a few months ago, a study out of George Washington University Medical Centre showed 100mg of thiamine administered intravenously prevents and delays the onset of atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries) in people with impaired glucose tolerance and type I diabetics.

In fact, in the Warwick study, thiamine concentration was 75% lower in both type I and type II diabetics compared to non-diabetics.
Thiamine is vital for the metabolism of carbohydrates. So when you’re deficient, your cells literally soak in a toxic glucose bath. This causes all sorts of problems – from fatigue to neuropathy.

An easier alternative to vitamin B1 injections…

Thiamine is typically available as a water soluble supplement. But this form is easily excreted from the body – resulting in deficiency.
You could try sourcing a fat-soluble form of thiamine supplement called benfotiamine. But you’ll have a hard time finding this rare kind of vitamin B1 – and it’s much more expensive.

But there is a more convenient and cheaper way to retain more thiamine in your body though… With garlic!

In the presence of allicin – the active ingredient in garlic, the water-soluble thiamine hydrochloride transforms into a lipid-soluble compound. This means it doesn’t get excreted as quickly as the water-soluble kind – and may prevent thiamine deficiency…

For another effective way to protect your lungs from cancer by up to 63%, click here…

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There's a simple way to reduce lung cancer risk - even if you smoke!
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