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The secret weapon that prevents bone density loss in men

by , 12 March 2015

Vitamin C is perhaps the world's greatest multitasker.

It can defend us against a host of proven enemies, from the common cold and nausea, to heart disease and even cancer. But recent studies show that vitamin C could have a positive impact in the loss of bone mass in men.

Researchers at Tufts University, over a four-years period, studied the bone density of men and women aged 75 and older who take anywhere from no vitamin C to 520mg daily. The study showed that for me bone density was maintained in those with the highest level if Vitamin C in their system, while men with the lowest levels of vitamin C  saw a big loss in bone density.

The RDA of vitamin C is 90mg per day for men and 75 mg for women, but some doctors agree that everyone over the age of 10 should take at least 1,000 mg of vitamin C twice a day.

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This is easy to do. Vitamin C is in natural sources such as Citrus fruits, broccoli, red peppers, brussel sprouts, parsley and strawberries.
Of course, "multi" vitamins  or supplements are a good source for extra-vitamins intake option for but you're be lucky if you find 1,000 mg of Vitamin C capsules, In this case, doctors suggest you take two a day at a minimum, but not both at once. Also, experts say you should avoid "time-release" capsules because Vitamin C only stays in your system for a few hours anyways, so time-release could actually be a waste of vitamins.

Of course, there are  exceptions, so the best thing you can do is to check with your health provider and make sure this is a safe quantity for you.

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The secret weapon that prevents bone density loss in men
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