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The secret weapon cancer survivours can use to halve their risk of death

by , 04 February 2014

A healthy diet and exercise is the secret to longevity. Many people believe a balanced diet alone can keep you healthy! But the truth is, exercise is just as important to your health. A study reveals that surviving cancer patients who exercise have a 50% reduced risk of dying of other related diseases or other forms of cancer!

Surviving cancer is an incredible feat! But secondary cancers come in sixth on the list of most common cancers worldwide!
This means, cancer survivours have an incredibly high risk of developing secondary cancers. 
But there’s ways you can reduce your risk!
And it’s as simple as exercise
Cancer survivours who exercise live longer and reduce their risk of other forms of disease
Comments on the story, which broken in the DailyMail.co.uk, showed many sceptics saying it’s obvious! Exercise is important to everyone, so this is hardly news…
But the study the info comes from also reveals something more important: Cancer survivours have a higher risk of developing other cancers even though they’ve beaten one! They also have a higher risk of heart disease following their treatment. 
So, if you’re a survivor, you can lower your risk of getting other types of cancers by 38% simply by getting enough exercise. And you’ll also be almost 50% less likely to die of heart disease if you’re exercising regularly too!
Exercise helps to prevent cancer overall, and prolongs your life if you’re a cancer survivour
Exercise can also help in your effort to prevent cancer. It keeps your body healthy and lowers your risk of free radicals developing. 
But you need to continue to exercise despite doctors clearing you of cancer after your treatment. Getting the right amount of exercise your body needs per week can have significant benefits to your health and help you live long and healthy despite having already had cancer once before!

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The secret weapon cancer survivours can use to halve their risk of death
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