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The Marlboro man dies of lung cancer - and that should serve as a warning for you

by , 31 January 2014

The world's most famous smoker died on the 10th of January this year. The reason? Lung cancer. There's no doubt that smoking increases your risk of developing lung cancer! And even if you've heard of cases where people smoke all their lives as don't get cancer, would you really want to take the chance? It's time to quit, and here's why.

You remember Eric Lawson, the suave looking cowboy lighting up a cigarette, gracing Marlboro ads posters in the 70s? 
Lawson died in his home on the 10th of January at the age of 72 due to complications arising because of his lung cancer says his wife Susa Lawson. 
She also said her husband, who smoked since he was 14, knew cigarettes were affecting his health, but he just couldn’t stop.
Don’t let cigarettes have a hold on your life, stop smoking today!
Cigarettes cause lung cancer and other ailments
If you have lung cancer, four out of five times it’s because you’re a smoker, warns Cancerresearch.org.uk. 
What does this tell you? 
That lung cancer is the most preventable form of cancer, of course! All you have to do is quit smoking! Researchers found that there could be around a 70% decrease in your risk just by kicking the habit.
Surely this is enough to get you to try?
· Smokers suffer from high blood pressure
· Because smoke is a constant irritant to the lungs, smokers develop asthma. 
· Macular degeneration is another disease that smokers suffer from.
· Smokers take more sick days from work than non-smokers.
· Ulcers for in the mouth due to increased acid formation.
· Smokers have terribly bad breath and their teeth are more likely to fall out.
· It even causes back pain.
Reduce your risk of lung cancer and quit smoking
No, it’s not easy, but millions of people stop smoking every day around the world and you can too. 
Need some help? Try this natural way to help you quit smoking. Make the decision to stop today and reduce your risk of developing lung cancer!

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The Marlboro man dies of lung cancer - and that should serve as a warning for you
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