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The deadly pancreas killer that modern medicine can't catch…

by , 17 November 2014

Expert's estimate that the pancreatic cancer death rate is up there with lung, breast and prostate cancer… For a few reasons…

The first and most frightening is the 3% survival rate. This means by the time your doctor diagnoses you, you already running out of time that's if they ever find the cancer… 75% of pancreatic cancer patients don't even survive the first year after diagnosis.

Secondly, less than one in five patients are eligible for surgery in the first place. And even if you're a candidate for surgery, you might not want to bother…

The average survival rate after the procedure is only 18 months. At the most you have a 25% chance of surviving!

But new alternative tests are challenging modern medicine. That means there's hope…


Blacklisted... exiled... bankrupted...criminalized...
If You Shout Too Loud About This Cancer Discovery...
You Could End Up In Jail.

This discovery may change the course of medical history.
But if the FDA had its way, you’d never, ever hear about it.
In fact, if you try to use this information, you may face arrest, prison, bankruptcy, even exile.
But if you, or a loved one—God forbid—were told those terrible words... “you’ve got cancer”…
Don’t you have a right to know about every cancer treatment on the planet?


Modern medicine has failed at fighting pancreatic cancer
They can’t even find a tumour until it’s big enough to feel physically. The medical standards for detecting pancreatic cancer is laughable. Their technology is over 60 years old.
And costs nearly R10’000 per test. That’s a major problem for low-income patients and most medical aids don’t cover it.
But worst of all?
They miss 30% of all pancreatic cancers.
But now there’s a new test that will forever change the way pancreatic cancer is diagnosed and boost survival rates…
This test is 168 times faster than anything your doctor has now. It only takes five minutes for a result. It’s also a lot cheaper…  And most importantly it’s 100% accurate!
And the inventor is not even old enough to drive…
Jack Andraka is 17 years-old. A few years ago he lost a close family friend to pancreatic cancer. And it lead him to dedicate all of his free time to researching pancreatic cancer.
The first shocking statistic he found was that 85% of pancreatic cancer diagnoses are too late. The next one he came across was that blood tests for pancreatic cancer measure levels of specific proteins in your blood. But there are over 8,000 of them….
Jack said, “…it’s like looking for a needle in a stack of identical needles.”
But just one of the protein’s ‘mesothelin’ found in high levels in earliest states of pancreatic cancer.
One day in biology class, Jack was reading a study on carbon nanotubes. They’re pipe like structures made of carbon. Each tub is one fifty thousandth the diameter of a single strand of your hair.
His teacher was teaching on antibodies, like a lock and key they only bind to one specific protein… And then it hit him!
By lacing a carbon nanotube with the antibody that binds to mesothelin in a blood sample, you can detect pancreatic cancer before it’s even a threat.
Think of it like a dipstick for checking your car’s oil. When mesothelin is found in levels that indicate pancreatic cancer it creates an electrical response.
Still in production phase and not yet available, Jack Andraka believes that it can help take the 3% survival rate to 100%.
You can read more about alternative treatments in our monthly subscription of Natural Health Dossier.

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The deadly pancreas killer that modern medicine can't catch…
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