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The breast cancer fighting mineral you can't afford to ignore!

by , 04 February 2019
The breast cancer fighting mineral you can't afford to ignore!
If someone had predicted 30 years ago that iodine would become one
of the most important breast cancer treatments, not many people
would have believed it.

And they would have been right - it isn't. In fact, it's hardly used at all.

But it should be.

Iodine kills breast cancer cells without killing off normal cells in the
process. Because of this, it's ideal for both treatment and prevention
of breast cancer.

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The research that was ignored...

In the 1960s and 70s, pioneering iodine researcher Dr Benjamin Eskin, reported time and again that iodine is a key element in breast health.

In one of his studies, Dr Eskin demonstrated that deliberately blocking breast cells from access to iodine resulted in precancerous changes
– changes that were aggravated when those same cells were exposed to either oestrogens or thyroid hormone.

Surprisingly, in the absence of iodine, thyroid hormone appeared to be more likely than oestrogen to produce abnormalities in breast cells.

In another report, he noted that when breast tissue cells are lacking in iodine, the cells are more likely to be abnormal, precancerous, or cancerous.

He said, “Iodine-deficient breast tissues are also more susceptible to carcinogen action and promote lesions earlier and in greater profusion".

Despite its obvious potential, not much has been done with this treatment over the past 30 to 40 years. Since iodine isn’t patentable, much of Dr Eskin’s work has been ignored.

Revealed: Exiled cancer treatments from brilliant medical minds across the world - hushed up - until now!

More recently, though, researchers in Mexico and India have begun further investigations into iodine’s potential as a breast cancer treatment.

All of their results confirm Dr Eskin’s original research: Iodine directly kills many types of human breast cancer cells and it doesn’t kill healthy
cells in the process. 

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These researchers concluded that breast cancer patients should consider supplementing with I2 in addition to their traditional breast cancer therapy.

These recent research reports give new hope and an added tool for breast cancer patients.

Even though it’s generally safe, some individuals are sensitive to iodine and/or iodide. There have been anecdotal reports of iodide’s causing auto-immune thyroiditis, hyperthyroidism, and hypothyroidism.

Too much iodine in a few individuals has caused iodism – an acne-like rash, a runny nose, and a bad taste in the mouth, all of which went away when the dosage was reduced or eliminated.
You should also be sure that your physician monitors your thyroid function and gives you other nutrient suggestions while you use iodine
as an adjunct to your regular breast cancer treatment.

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The breast cancer fighting mineral you can't afford to ignore!
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