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The benefits of walnuts don't end at heart protection, there's much more…

by , 08 April 2013

You probably already know the many health benefits of walnuts, like the fact that they're good for your heart. But, there's more. Read on to discover why a daily intake of walnuts could help save you from a fatal disease.

There’s good news for women: Research published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer has suggested women can defend themselves against breast cancer by eating as little as two small handfuls of walnuts every day.

Here’s why walnuts will help you fight breast cancer

“The study, conducted by researchers at Marshall University, in the US, found that a daily dose of walnuts equal to 114g a day for humans reduced the growth of breast cancer,” writes Francois Lubbe in Health Bytes.

There’s even more good news.

According to research that found that a gram of walnuts both roasted and raw are good for protecting your heart, the researchers also noted that while high in fat, walnuts don't necessarily lead to weight gain.

So keep nibbling for cancer protection. Walnuts are loaded with protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

And remember, food is like dietary medicine.

“What we put into our bodies makes a big difference, it determines how the body functions and how it reacts to disease. The simple stuff really works: Eat right, get off the couch and turn off the TV,” adds Lubbe.

So, there you have it! Another good reason to nibble on walnuts.

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The benefits of walnuts don't end at heart protection, there's much more…
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