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Tattoos: Do they cause cancer?

by , 03 February 2014

Many conversations involve the topic of tattoos. And it's no longer about how shocked you are to hear someone you know has a tattoo! No, it's probably more along the lines of how you're thinking about getting one, or even getting another one done. How times have changed in terms of the popularity of tattoos, but could they pose a risk to your health?

From celebrities to tribal members, tattoos are everywhere. If you don’t have a tattoo, you might be thinking about getting one. Or you at least know a handful of people who show theirs off daily. 
Tattoos are no longer taboo… Many professionals sport tattoos, which they’re not required to cover in their everyday work environment.
But while they’re becoming a fixed fashion accessory, are tattoos posing a risk to your health?
Particles in tattoo ink may lead to cancer
Experts warn against injecting ink into your body as it appears to contain nanoparticles that are cancer causing. 
While tattoo ink colours the skin, it’s said to contain tiny particles that move through to your blood stream. These tiny particles stay in your organs and may cause cancerous cells to develop.
So you’ve got a safe place to have your ink done to avoid getting AIDS or Hepatitis. But no matter how clean the studio is, the artist can’t tell you if their ink is 100% safe for your health!
Scientists work towards safer tattoo inks
Scientists are conducting more studies on the dyes used in tattoo ink and what exactly goes into them. So they need to do more research to determine exactly how much risk you’re putting your health in by getting a tattoo.
And knowing more will help with ways to make these inks safer for your health. Or at least make sure you’re aware of what’s in the ink when you choose to have your tattoo done!
While there’s a risk of developing cancer as a result of many of the things you expose yourself to in your daily life, you’re able to ensure you’re decreasing your risks by how you live.
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Tattoos: Do they cause cancer?
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