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Take note of these four skin cancer symptoms that you can't see

by , 14 December 2017
Take note of these four skin cancer symptoms that you can't see
In 99% of skin cancer cases, the cancer is clearly visible on the outside of the boy - think moles, rashes, blemishes or lesions. However, in 1% of people, symptoms are invisible…

It's rare, but some people experience non-skin symptoms that are their first clue that they have skin cancer. In case you fall into this unlucky minority group, read on to learn about four skin cancer signs that you can't see.

Four non-skin symptoms of skin cancer

#1: You have lumps beneath your skin
Do you have lumps beneath your skin that you can feel but can’t see? If these lumps are in areas like your groin, armpit or neck, it may be an indication of skin cancer that’s spread to your lymph nodes, according to Jeremy Davis, MD, a clinical instructor and surgeon at UCLA Health.
#2: You have stomach pain
Skin cancer can also spread to your liver. If that happens, you may experience abdominal pain, particularly in the upper right quadrant of your abdomen, says Dr Davis. He adds that this sort of pain is associated with a number of other health conditions, some of which aren’t that serious, such as gallstones. So, before you freak out, get checked out by your doctor.



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#3: You have shortness of breath
Another place skin cancer can spread to once a melanoma has metastasized? Your lungs. “If it goes to the lungs, it could present shortness of breath or a persistent cough,” explains Dr Davis. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, “the odds are against it being melanoma,” he says.
#4: Your joints are achy
A melanoma can spread to your joints even if your skin symptoms have resolved themselves, says Davis. In such a case, you may experience arthritis-like symptoms like joint pain. If your knees or hips are feeling achy, see your doctor to sort it out.
If you’re experiencing one or more of these potential skin cancer symptoms, don’t ignore them – seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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Take note of these four skin cancer symptoms that you can't see
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