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Take care of your breasts - get enough zinc

by , 07 November 2014

Even if you're not always aware of them, as a woman, your breasts are important.

Think about how you'd feel if they were no longer there!

You get the idea.

And taking care of them in the right ways is essential to keeping them healthy, plump and cancer-free.

One of the best ways to do so is to ensure you get the right amount of zinc. And zinc is more important for your breasts than you think!

Here's why…

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Research shows the importance of zinc in breast health

Your breasts have millions of zinc receptors on the cell surfaces.
When you’re pregnant, zinc helps build up the functionality in your breasts that’ll allow you to feed your newborn baby. The zinc in your breasts at this time is also essential because there’s a high concentration in breast milk that you give to your baby to help him develop and grow.
But being deficient doesn’t only rob your baby of essential nutrients, it can have a devastating effect on your health too.
Scientists in France discovered that these zinc receptors have a great effect on oestrogen receptors and whether they cause cancer cell proliferation.
When oestrogen receptors emit cell signalling pathways from strong oestrogens, there’s a higher chance cells will divide into cancerous cells.
That’s where zinc comes in. Zinc receptors are involved in gene expression because they bind to DNA proteins.
Now one of the most important DNA proteins that protects against breast cancer is the p53 protein. It needs zinc to work efficiently, so being zinc deficient puts you at risk of breast cancer.
But it’s not only that the protein doesn’t work when zinc isn’t available. It starts mutating when there isn’t and it further increases your breast cancer risk.
So how much do you need? And, more importantly, where do you get it?
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You need at least 8mg zinc every day to maintain your breast health

A healthy woman over the age of 18 needs 8mg zinc every day. If you’re pregnant or breast feeding, you need 12mg.
And it’s easy to get through your diet!
·         A 120g steak contains 14mg;
·         ¾ cup of cereal contains 3.8mg;
·         1 cup of low fat milk contains 1mg;
·         ½ a cup of chickpeas contains 1.3mg;
·         ½ a chicken breast contains 0.9mg; and
·         A small fruit yoghurt contains 1.7mg.
As you can see, it’s relatively easy to get your daily requirements of zinc. But should you find you’re not able to eat enough zinc-containing foods every day, speak to your doctor about a good quality supplement to ensure your lack of zinc isn’t the reason you lose control of your breast health and develop cancer. 

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Take care of your breasts - get enough zinc
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