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Stressed out? Get it under control before it leads to breast cancer!

by , 10 December 2013

Do you lie awake at night worrying about your family, work, friends, money… And so on? Best you get those stress levels under control. The reason? A new study has discovered that women who suffer from stress are twice as likely to develop breast cancer. Here's why…

Doctors from the Sahlgrenska Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden, believe they may have uncovered the reason why breast cancer incidents are on the rise.

According to them, women are facing growing levels of stress because they’re trying to balance work and home lives. And this, in turn, ups their breast cancer risk.
Here’s why stress could trigger the disease

After analysing a group of 1,500 healthy women aged 38 to 60 for over 35 years ago, who were questioned about their stress levels and their health, the doctors discovered those who suffered from high stress had double the risk of developing breast cancer.

The reason?

Well, according to the Daily Mail, the experts believe “the link could be due to hormonal changes which the body undergoes at times of stress. [Since] breast cancer is largely a disease driven by the hormone oestrogen, and it is possible that feelings of stress could cause changes in hormone levels which then affect healthy cell growth within the breast.”

In addition, stress places huge pressure on your immune system.

And as scientists discovered, this can activate a stress gene activation in your immune-system cells to spread the cancer to other parts of your body.

And that’s why you need to keep your stress levels from spiralling out of control! Failure to do this puts your health and your sanity in danger.

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Stressed out? Get it under control before it leads to breast cancer!
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