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Stop your beauty routine from leaving you riddled with cancer

by , 01 October 2014

You might not even have to think about your morning routine anymore. You simply get on with it and do things automatically. And that includes your beauty and make-up routine.

But have you every looked at the back of the items in your cosmetics bag? Have you peeked at the ingredients list to see what's in them?

If you have, you'll have seen dozens of unpronounceable compounds; things you have no idea what they are or even where they come from.

But does that bother you at all?

Have you thought about what they do to your health?

The scary thing is, many of your trusted make-up brands contain harmful ingredients that can cause allergies, skin conditions and even… Cancer!

Keep reading to discover two common and dangerous cancer-causing ingredients lurking behind the beauty of your make-up.

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These two cancer-causing culprits are common in make-up

#1. Parabens: Look at the ingredients at the back of your beauty products for this sneaky cancer-causing ingredient. It might be called propylparaben or ethylparaben, so be sure to look for its disguises too.
It’s a preservative that allows your product to keep for up to a year. It’s one of the ingredients that stop bacteria, mould and fungi from growing inside the product.
But when you put it on your skin, the tiny chemicals seep through into your cells.
They can act like your hormone oestrogen and cause changes in your tissues because of it.
Many biopsies of breast cancer tissue contain Parabens, which might not be significant, says Breastcancer.org because so many products contain them and they spread through the entire body. But what is significant is they do have a link to the cause of cancer, no matter how small the link is.
Promoters of paraben use say it’s not harmful, but there are no studies to suggest there are no long-term health effects either.
Rather avoid using products they’re in to be on the safe side, where possible.
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#2. Phthalates: The most common use of these types of chemicals is the colour component of nail polish as well as its “strengthening” ability for your nails and preventing the polish from chipping.
They act on the hormones in your body and disrupt the way they work. And that’s why they have a link to breast cancer. But the scariest part of exposure is to pregnant woman.
Babies develop serious birth defects when they have a high phthalate exposure.
Because of this, many countries don’t allow the use of them, so many beauty product manufacturers have removed it from their products.
There you have it! Instead of simply going about your beauty routine every morning without a care, take a look at the ingredients on your favourite brands.
It’s easy to change your products to more natural ones to limit your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals which might leave you with cancer in the future. 

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Stop your beauty routine from leaving you riddled with cancer
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