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Stop eating processed meat to protect your health! Here's why…

by , 14 January 2014

Processed meat (like salami, ham and viennas) is bad for you, full stop. So unless you've “processed” it yourself and you know what exactly when into the processing, steer clear. Yes, some of them are quite tasty and you may find it difficult to cut them out of your diet entirely, but we're hoping that after you read this, you'll agree that these are four of the best reasons to stop eating processed meat.

If you were to write a pros and cons list of processed meat, you’re likely to have two reasons on the pros side only. They’re convenient and pretty tasty. But can we reveal the cons side to you?
· Putting you at higher risk for bowel cancer
· May cause obesity
· And it’s linked to premature death according to a study published in BMC Medicine
Here are the four best reasons to avoid eating processed meat!
Reason #1: Weight gain/Obesity risk
Ever eaten only one thin slice of processed meat? Or had a health bread sandwich with only one piece of ham on it? 
Probably not… So think about the calories on that sandwich packed with four pieces of meat, cheese, mayo etc. 
Reason #2: Heart disease risk
Processed meats are high in sodium. So you’re essentially putting three times as much salt into your body as is recommended as the daily intake. 
Salt is bad for your heart, and eating too much salt may cause you to develop heart disease
Reason #3: Diabetes risk
Processed meat is also high in nitrate concentration. Nitrates decrease your insulin secretion so you’re likely to have more sugar roaming free in your blood leading to diabetes. 
Reason #4. Colon cancer risk increases
Research shows a link between eating processed meat and stomach cancer
And that’s why nutritionists believe you shouldn’t eat more than one serving of processed meat per week.
And there you have it! Four of the best reasons to substitute processed meat in your diet for fresh meat varieties. Save your and your families health by saying goodbye to processed meat. 

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Stop eating processed meat to protect your health! Here's why…
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