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Starve prostate cancer by eating apples, red grapes and turmeric

by , 24 July 2017
Starve prostate cancer by eating apples, red grapes and turmeric
Attention, men! You already know that what you eat plays a role in your prostate health. But did you know that you could starve prostate cancer by eating certain foods?

You read that right! New research from The University of Texas at Austin in the United States has identified a number of natural compounds that could thwart the growth of prostate cancer - the most common cancer afflicting men.

Read on find out more about these natural compounds that could starve prostate cancer, plus which foods contain them...

Many studies test the prostate cancer benefits of only one single agent...

To reach these findings, researchers used a novel analytical approach to screen several plant-based chemicals instead of testing one single agent as many studies do. In doing so, they determined specific combinations that shrink prostate cancer tumours.
“After screening a natural compound library, we developed an unbiased look at combinations of nutrients that have a better effect on prostate cancer than existing drugs,” Stefano Tiziani, a corresponding author, reported. Tizani is an assistant professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences and Dell Pediatric Research Institute at UT Austin. “The beauty of this study is that we were able to inhibit tumour growth in mice without toxicity.”


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“I may be politically incorrect and stepping on the toes of big pharma, but, my test results for my aggressive prostate cancer in consistently getting better and better. I have gone from surgery, chemo and radiation suggestions to my doctors suggestion of wait-and-see, as improvement has been quite dramatic. I have only been on my daily regimen for 9 months.” ~ John Duffy


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New research identifies natural compounds could starve prostate cancer

First, the researchers tested 142 natural compound on mouse and human cells line to see which starved prostate cancer cell growth when administered alone or in combination with another compound.
They found that the most promising ingredients were ursolic acid (a waxy natural chemical found in apple peels and rosemary), curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) and resveratrol (a natural compound common to berries and red grapes).
“These nutrients have potential anti-cancer properties and are readily available,” Tiziani said. “We only need to increase concentration beyond levels found in a healthy diet for an effect on prostate cancer cells.”
The research also determined that ursolic aci combined with curcumin or resveratrol prevents prostate cancer cells from feeding off what they need to grow – glutamine. The bottom line? You can block the uptake of a nutrient that prostate cancer cells need to grow by consuming common nutrients. Pretty neat, we’d say!

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Starve prostate cancer by eating apples, red grapes and turmeric
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