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Starve cancer cells out of your body with insulin!

by , 22 September 2014

Last week, I told you about Dr Filiberto Munoz. A world leading oncologist who discovered a revolutionary way to burn out cancer cells by replicating what happens when your body has a fever.

Today, I want to tell you about another one of his remarkable cancer treatments.

It's a technique he's been using successfully to starve cancer cells out of the bodies of his patients. And it could do the same for you.

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It was while studying diabetics that Dr Munoz came across this shocking cancer discovery…
In diabetics, insulin production becomes faulty.
When your body can’t make enough insulin, your blood sugar levels get out of control and your cells starve.
Fascinating, right. That’s what Dr Munoz thought.
So he took this simple understanding of what happens to diabetic’s insulin imbalance and used it to create a revolutionary new cancer treatment – called insulin potentiation therapy or IPT
Dr Munoz couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw what insulin did to cancer cells
You see, cancer cells divide faster than normal cells. This means they need to eat more, too. And that’s where Dr Munoz’s insulin treatment comes in.
What Dr Munoz does is inject a small amount of insulin into his cancer patients.
These cells start to think they’re starving and because your cancer cells become so much hungrier than your normal one, they push to the front of the line.
They’re desperate for food.
And they’re not picky either.
They’ll eat anything.
Including poison.
And so when Dr Munoz then injected a tiny amount of chemotherapy drugs into his patients, the cancer cells being so starved absorbed the chemotherapy drugs and it killed them on contact.
All, while leaving the normal cells unharmed.
The results were shocking! IPT increased chemo’s effectiveness of by up to 10,000 times than chemotherapy alone!
During the very first clinical trial of IPT performed in Uruguay in 2004, researchers noted a significant antitumor response in the IPT patient’s against those who were just receiving standard chemotherapy.
In fact, results proved IPT was 10,000 times more effective than standard chemo treatment.
And that not all.
Because this treatment works specifically on cancer cells, it left no damage to the healthy cells either.
That’s right:
·         No nausea.
·         No Hair loss.
·         No excessive weight loss.
·         Nothing… Except dead cancer cells.
This therapy packs quite a punch and compared to every other cancer treatment ever designed, all of the punch goes exactly where it’s supposed to go.
Cancer cells are like bullies, and aren’t nearly as tough as you might imagine.
You can receive this treatment in South Africa in Centurion, from Dr Eugene Pretorius. Contact his office for an appointment on:
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Starve cancer cells out of your body with insulin!
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