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Spotting skin cancer - as easy as saying your “ABCDs”

by , 01 November 2013

Cases of skin cancer in South Africa have doubled over the last ten years. Caught early though, survival rates are good. But how do you spot skin cancer? Today, we provide you with the quickest answer…

FACT: South Africa has one of the highest incidences of skin cancer in the world! It’s so high, in fact, only Australia has more cases than us!

So it’s no wonder that statistics from the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) shows that 20,000 people report cases that this results in around 700 deaths every year.

Here at FSP Health, we believe those figures are far too high.

After all, if caught in its early stages, cancer.org reveals your risk of dying of skin cancer is only around 3%. Your odds reduce dramatically the longer you wait.

But how do you know if you have skin cancer?

Below, the experts at Health Bytes reveal a simple at-home test you can take. They call it, the ABCD skin cancer test.

How the ABCD skin cancer test works

Check your skin – particularly any moles you have – once every month.

Pay attention to:
Asymmetry – a line drawn across the middle of the mole shouldn’t create virtually matching halves.
Border – the edges shouldn’t be uneven or unclear.
Colour – the mole shouldn’t be unusually dark or more than one shade.
Diameter – the mole mustn’t have diameter larger than that of a pencil eraser

If you’re concerned with your findings, see your GP immediately. Skin cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence and, if you catch it early, it won’t be.

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Spotting skin cancer - as easy as saying your “ABCDs”
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