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Spinach: One of the best cancer fighting foods to eat these holidays

by , 10 December 2014

Ditch the cheese-laden veggies and butternut smothered in butter. Not only are they going to leave the waistline of your pants a bit tight, they're going to wreck your health in the long run.

Instead, eat healthy, cancer-fighting foods that improve your health and keep you slim all in one!

And what's one of the best cancer fighting foods? Well, spinach of course!

Here's why…

Researchers say spinach is one of the best cancer fighting foods because of the nutrients it contains

Prevention.com says a study posted in the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research showed the effects of spinach on mice with tumours.
Researchers induced colon cancer in mice and fed half of them 30g of spinach every day for a year.
At the end of the experiment, the mice on the spinach diet had only half the number of tumours they did at the beginning of the study.
That’s right!
The spinach diet literally killed off half their colon tumours.
And it’s because of a nutrient that spinach contains that makes it one of the best cancer fighting foods.
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The nutrient in spinach makes it a great food to include in your cancer prevention diet

At the beginning stages of cancer, carcinogens enter your body and cause it to behave in strange ways. One of those is the effect they have on your genes.
When they affect your DNA, they cause your cells to go haywire. And when they start growing and proliferating, they don’t do it as they should and the cells form mutant cells and tumours.
That’s where spinach comes in.
It literally targets the carcinogen, making it less harmless than it is. And that’s how it stops tumours form growing and mutating further.
One of the main ways you introduce carcinogens into your body is through red met. And in particular, cooked red meat.
When you heat meat, it produces advanced glycation end products (AGEs). They increase cells signalling and promote inflammatory pathways within your body, says Dr Christian Ott and his colleagues. This is the cornerstone of all disease, including cancer.
And that’s why you need to include spinach into your every day diet these holidays!
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Add one of the best cancer fighting foods to your diet in three fantastic ways
Eating spinach doesn’t have to be boring.
It’s true!
There are so many ways to eat spinach that you’ll never get bored while you’re getting the best nutrition for the prevention of cancer.
1.    Add it to your smoothie in the morning: Simply blitzing a bunch of chopped spinach leaves into your morning smoothie is one of the easiest and tastiest ways to include it in your diet every day.
2.    Have baby spinach leaves for lunch: While dark lettuce leaves are also healthy, spinach is better. So instead of eating a salad with lettuce, eat it with fresh baby spinach leaves.
3.    A traditional spinach and potato side is healthy and tasty: Think about the way your grandparents cooked spinach. They mixed it with potatoes and onions and it tasted great! So go back to your childhood and whip up a healthy but tasty side for your turkey.
There’s no reason to let cancer destroy your health. As long as you’re eating the best cancer fighting foods and maintaining overall health and balance in your life, you should be able to protect yourself from a devastating cancer diagnosis.
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Spinach: One of the best cancer fighting foods to eat these holidays
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