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Spice up your diet with turmeric to keep your body health and fighting fit

by , 29 January 2014

The yellow Indian spice, turmeric, helps kill off cancer cells and can benefit your health in a variety of other ways too. But other than making a curry every night to get the dose you need to keep you healthy, how else are you going to get the benefits? Well, here's seven ways you can use turmeric so you can keep your body healthy and fighting fit.

You’ve gone out and bought a jar of turmeric, because you know it helps fight disease and keeps your body healthy in a variety of ways. 
From helping your brain stay healthy fighting off the onset of Alzheimer’s, to playing a role in the death of cancer cells, turmeric is top on your list of spices to eat. 
But you’ve eaten curry for the last few weeks and it doesn’t look like you’ve gotten through much of the bottle. 
So if you’re sick of eating curry but you want to stick to eating turmeric, here’s seven other ways to use the spice!
Seven ways you can eat or drink turmeric to spice up your healthy diet
1. Add a teaspoon to your family’s morning scrambled eggs or omelette
2. Mix it in to your roast vegetables. It works especially well with cauliflower and potatoes
3. Give your rice some colour and more health benefits by adding turmeric
4. Cabbage and spinach also go well with a bit of turmeric spice
5. Soup is a lot tastier when you add some turmeric
6. You can even add it to your smoothies! Because of the sweet flavours in the smoothie, it’ll mask most of the taste but still add its health value. If you can find fresh turmeric (it looks a little like ginger except yellow/red) slice it and add it to your smoothie. 
7. Make turmeric and honey drink. Boil turmeric in a pot of milk and add honey to taste; it makes a soothing early tasting drink.
That’s it then! Seven brilliant ways you can get more turmeric in your diet to reap all its amazing health benefits. 

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Spice up your diet with turmeric to keep your body health and fighting fit
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