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Smoking's not killing you because it's bad - it's killing you because you're a man!

by , 08 December 2014

If you're a man and you smoke, it's time you quit!

In fact, the latest research coming from Sweden's Uppsala University says you're at a high risk of literally losing you Y chromosome (the one that makes you the man you are) when you smoke!

That means, not only are you at risk of developing lung cancer because of the toxins smoking introduce into your lung tissue, you're at risk of a whole whack of other cancers too.

And it's because of the genetic mutation that causes almost every cell in your body to go haywire and the reason why smoking is bad for you!

Here's what the researchers found happens…

It’s simple: You need to give up smoking

Swedish researchers say the effect of smoking has a more detrimental impact on men than it does women.
This because of your Y chromosome.
It’s one of the most common gene mutations that cause disease in men. And it has a strong link to smoking, says Professor Jan Dumanski who worked on the Swedish study.
During the study, researchers analysed data from more than 6,000 men. They took into account their current health, activity levels, alcohol consumption and a whole lot of other data. And that’s how they found the devastating link.
They also found a correlation to the “dose” of tobacco and how it impacts your health. The more you smoke, the worse off your health and the more risks you face.
But don’t think that just because you’re a light smoker you’re off the hook. Introducing tobacco toxins into your body is one risk that doesn’t matter about how small it is.
What are those risks, you ask?
That’s right.
And it’s the reason women outlive men and that men are more susceptible to developing aggressive cancers that claim their lives.
Along with cancer there’s the risk of infertility, breast development and other womanly traits because of your Y chromosome mutation.
But there’s hope for preventing all of this. That’s if you give up smoking now!
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Give up smoking and you may be able to reverse the effects it has on your health

Luckily, researchers also found that the effect of smoking on your Y chromosome is reversible.
But you need to give up smoking ASAP to undo the damage!
Lars Forsberg, another researcher from the University, said this could be one of the biggest motivating factors for men to give up smoking.
Not only is it going to protect you from cancer, it’s going to prevent you from losing the very traits that make you a man.
So, think about it. Is smoking worth losing your health and manhood?
It’s your only option: Give up smoking today.

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Smoking's not killing you because it's bad - it's killing you because you're a man!
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