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Slashing your risk of dying of prostate cancer, as easy as lying in the sun!

by , 07 May 2015

Attention men: Did you know that you're SEVEN TIMES LESS likely to die of prostate cancer if you have high levels of the “sunshine vitamin”, vitamin D?

That's right!

A study performed by the Commonwealth Medical College looked at 160 men with prostate cancer and found a link between dying of prostate cancer and vitamin D levels.

If you're looking to slash your risk of dying of prostate cancer, it could be easy as lying out in the sun every day. Read on for more.

Your vitamin D levels significantly increase your chance of surviving prostate cancer

Thomas Churilla, a third-year medical student from Commonwealth Medical College in Pennsylvania, and leader of this new study, placed each of the 160 patients into a category according to their vitamin D levels – low, medium or high. 
Over the course of the multi-year study, 52 of the patients died of prostate cancer. And every single one came from the low vitamin D levels category. 
As a result, Churilla concluded that low vitamin D levels had a significant impact on prostate cancer survival.
Researchers theorised that since vitamin D has a similar structure to androgen (hormones that play a role in a male’s reproductive activity), it might amplify the effects of lowering androgen levels and, as a result, improve the survival chances of men with prostate cancer.
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How much vitamin D do you need for a healthy prostate

If you’re concerned about your vitamin D levels, your doctor will be able to measure them. If you’re vitamin D deficient, your risk of prostate cancer and autoimmune disease like multiple sclerosis (when your immune system attacks its own tissues) and rheumatoid arthritis (an inflammatory disorder that affects the small joints in mainly your hands and feet) increases, Churilla explains.
If you’re African, you’re prone to vitamin D deficiency. Churilla explains that this is because Africans produce less vitamin D3 than Caucasians do in response to usual levels of sun exposure. Therefore, they have low vitamin D serum concentrations all year round. 
This may help explain why Africans have the highest rates of prostate cancer in the world, reveals the Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention.
For optimal vitamin D intake, Churilla suggests spending five to six hours in the sun per week. If you don’t enjoy spending time outdoors in the sun use a safe tanning bed or take an oral vitamin D supplement. 
If you choose the latter, keep in mind the disadvantage of swallowing vitamin D is that you’ll need to have your blood levels tested to ensure your vitamin D levels are in the correct range.
For additional information on how your vitamin D levels can impact your cancer risk, consult your doctor.
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Slashing your risk of dying of prostate cancer, as easy as lying in the sun!
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