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Slash your risk of prostate cancer death by 34% by eating nuts regularly

by , 04 July 2017
Slash your risk of prostate cancer death by 34% by eating nuts regularly
According to statistics, only about one man in every 39 will die of prostate cancer. Furthermore, 2.9 million men in the United States who've been diagnosed with prostate cancer are still alive today.

These numbers suggest that although prostate cancer is a serious disease, not many men die from it. That said, it's always smart to precautions - but how can men reduce their risk of prostate cancer death?

A recent Harvard study published in the British Journal of Cancer reveals that men who have prostate cancer can slash their risk of death by up to a third by eating nuts regularly. Keep reading to find out more...

New study finds that men who eat nuts regularly have a lower risk of dying of prostate cancer

To reach these findings, expert at Harvard Medical School in Boston in the United States looked at 47,000 men for 26 years. Among these men, 6,800 developed prostate cancer.
While the experts said they found no “statistically significant associations” between eating nuts regularly and being diagnosed with prostate cancer, when it came to reducing mortality rates, they found that “patients who consumed nuts five or more times per week after diagnosis had a significant 34% lower rate of overall mortality than those who consumed nuts less than once per month.”
“This suggests nuts, although not associated with being diagnosed with cancer, may still improve the overall survival of patients,” the experts added.


One man is diagnosed with prostate cancer every 3 minutes.
But there’s no reason you should be the next statistic – Here’s why…

75% of all prostate cancer cases are preventable.

So why are millions of men still being diagnosed?

Because they go for the stock-standard PSA (prostate specific antigen) test their GP tells them is the only way to check their prostate health.

So, what’s wrong with the PSA test?

Well, it’s not designed to detect cancer.

Instead, it measures a protein your normal prostate cells make. And the more prostate tissue you have, the higher the protein levels in your blood.

It isn’t an accurate way to detect cancer.

Find out how to really protect your prostate how to protect your prostate and avoid becoming another medical statistic.  


Previous studies have also suggested that eating nuts can help fight certain cancers...

This study isn’t the first to find a link between consuming nuts regularly and fighting off cancer. In 2009, one study found that eating large quantities of Brazil nuts could help combat prostate cancer.
Brazil nuts are a top source of selenium – a mineral that protects cells and tissues from damaging molecules. The bottom line? If you want to prevent prostate cancer or prostate cancer death, start eating more nuts!

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Slash your risk of prostate cancer death by 34% by eating nuts regularly
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